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Dolcetto by Basilico Revisited @ Regent Hotel

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By now, it is no secret how Regent is top of my list for food and beverage in a hotel. Too many stunning concepts -

Summer Palace
Manhattan Bar
Tea Lounge
Dolcetto by Basilico
The only outlet that I have yet to step foot on is oddly, Seoul

While most of the items at the deli are to-go, I would highly recommend eating in especially in the comfort of their lush seating arrangements and having first hand view of what is fresh from the kitchen upstairs - that was how we nailed the Wagyu Beef Panini that was sold out on too many accounts!

The only sets available are

Soup + Panini ($18)
Soup + Salad ($20)

Otherwise, everything else is pretty much ala carte prices.


Lobster Bisque ($9)

Their elusive cream of mushroom was once again not available - but with lobster bisque on the menu, this was a tough fight for preference. The rich saffron hued broth served with toasted foccacia drizzled with olive oil and served with truffle oil was already stunning.

Even without any trace of lobster meat, this was rightfully the best of its kind. Indulgent and perfumed with hours of simmering with lobster heads and shells, the sweetness that lingers on like a symphony even. And the million dollar question was - how did soup taste so out of the world? 

Roast Beef Salad ($15)

Pricey with a bed of rockets, parmesan shavings and medium roast beef. I would recommend just going for their heartier paninis which always ends up being a losing battle against carbohydrates. 


Prawn and Seafood Panini ($14)

Squid ink bread usually grabs my attention first,  this dark knight usually robs me of the chance to even consider other options and once again, it was me and my seafood sandwich. Zesty cream dressing elevated the prawns and crabmeat filling, none of too much in a single sandwich, it was just mouthful after mouthfuls of sheer happiness. Paired with lobster bisque, I think I my seafood quota was met beautifully in a single meal.


Wagyu Beef Panini ($14)

The hottest seller of the panini range, we were almost ready to leave when the eye sore of a freshly made tray made its way into the counter. Damn.

Toasted foccacia, wagyu slices and artichokes already sounds like the most unlikely panini combination. But I kid you not when there is a reason why these fly off the shelves so readily. Crusty meets oozing juicy innards and an acquired soft artichoke heart, oral pleasure it certainly was and please eat with your hands. The satisfaction far exceeds that of a heart stopping burger, even.

Give it to the Italian for nailing the flavours and textures so well!


Banana Caramel Choux ($3.50)

Choux puffs had me at hello - it must have been the brightly speckled exterior. Banana and caramel puff made good of that single shot at post meal happiness.

You bet how deep the food coma was after all these. 

The husband declares this his favouritest deli in Singapore, I cannot help but agree more. We both concede that if we worked nearby, this would be our permanent lunch hangout despite the prices.

Dolcetto by Basilico
Regent Singapore

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