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Dolcetto Revisited @ Regent Hotel

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Regent will remain close to heart since the big day was held there and Dolcetto was a great place to pick up yummies to go and unwind the day away if we had time to spare. Both of which we accomplished in our two day stay.

The in room dining's cream of mushroom was so good, we were quite bummed that it was not on offer that day. Cream of brocolli instead - a tad watery but still good. What else but with a slice of toasted foccacia? 

Their irresistible grilled salads, fresh prawns to seal the deal too. I would make a beeline for this every other day if my office were nearby, grilled salads are the new greens.

One hearty quiche that tops the list for enough ham and cheese. Usually these are compromised when the chef pays more attention to the purse strings and serves up a thicker crust. This has it done so right in proportions and yes - wholesome quiche!

I can barely resist these marbellised orbs - these come in a variety of flavours and pistachio appealed.

Pistachio and raspberry in a chocolate shell is an ingenious idea to capture both in a single dessert. The rich pistachio mousse created a nice balance between the sour raspberries and sweet chocolate.

Just in time for Valentine's with these heart shaped raspberry macarons. Once again a hit and miss with the fruity flavours, I found it too crumbly. 

I cannot wait to return to try every single thing!

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