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Bar & Billiard Room @ Raffles Hotel

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~Invited Session~

Raffles Hotel is another of my favourite hotels, with dining establishments that have made me a fan of - Shinji by Kanesaka, Royal China, Tiffin Room, Long Bar, Long Bar Steakhouse, Raffles Courtyard and possibly just short of Bar and Billiard Room.

Even a wedding dinner to conclude the Raffles experience. You can safely say, I am well acquainted with Raffles Hotel.


My understanding of Bar and Billiard Room had been limited to its opulent Sunday Brunches, and if I need a tipple, it would be straight off to Long Bar. Previously it was just a billiard hall, today it is home to some 400 hand-selected whiskies, many limited editions and labels imported exclusive to Raffles Hotel.

Among them include ones from Scotland, Japan and the US. Lending its influence to the cocktail menu, the single malts have also gone on to inspire whisky-based beverages.

On Fridays and Saturdays, live jazz performances offer a touch of old world glamour to the setting.


Regarded as the oldest existing bar in its original location in Singapore, Bar and Billiard Room is an institution within Raffles Singapore. It occupies a standalone building built in 1896, and was the first in the country to have a lady bartender stirring up a storm in the 1920s.


Spot that enchanting chandelier.


How about a mind game of chess? These look so antique, I could just get lost in the past.


The all too famous billiard table.


Hints of Singapore all over, even their choice of flowers in drinks are of the national flower.


These look like genie bottles.


And watching bartenders work is always intriguing, the gadgets they use especially makes me sucha noob!


Waltz into the hall and be greeted by cabinets of whiskey. Perhaps not all 400 labels but you get a glimpse of their golden glory.


Some men would put it this way - I like my whiskey old and my women young.

Single malts on display with ages ranging from as young as under 10 to those over the hill. The sky, could be the limit here in a wonderland only men and select women understand.


Well with whiskey comes cigars, its bestest partner in crime. Cigar smoking is encouraged in the other side of the hall.

Before we got down to serious business, foreplay involved whiskey infused cocktails - yes cocktails, the very things that keep the women happy when the men indulge in the aged and dangerous.


Santa Barbara ($22)
Bourbon Whiskey, Agave Sec, Grapefruit Juice, Anise, Fig Gomme

Like a lady clad in a sundress and a orchid tucked behind her ear, this fleeting number is as easy going as it looks. Light hearted without a trace of its alcoholic origins.


Boston Sour ($24)
Bourbon Whiskey, Lemon Juice, Sugar Syrup, Sweet Plum Foam

This dame approaches with unbridled passion, the hints of sweet plum pulls wool over ones tastebuds that it is but a sweet cocktail. Slow and surely, she encroaches with every sip - well, the adage goes there cannot be good living where there is not good drinking.


BBR 1896 ($26)
Bourbon Whiskey, Maple Fat Wash Whiskey, Slices of Oranges, Angostura Bitter, Palm Sugar, Camomile Tea


This femme fetale makes a smokey appearance when the lid is uncovered, seduction is her sole purpose - charms and snares her opponents with quick swift moves. Sip with caution or end up heavy headed way too early into the night.


The free flowing canapes made drinking such greater joy.


Crabmeat Cigars ($19)
Wrapped in vine leaves

I clearly missed trying these out in Greece and I blame my lack of curiosity then. These are probably the next best way to eat crab - and in a chic way too! The savoury vine leaves clothed around that mound of crab meat - joy to the world.


Arancini (Risotto Balls) ($19)
Mortadella, Mozzarella

Even as I try to resist carbs at night, resistance is truly futile against these crispy cute rice balls.


Chocolate Stones ($9)
Whiskey infused

Too clever to ignore, chocolate and whiskey deserve a second chance at marriage and I call this match made in heaven. Two sins in a single bite, pure luxury and euphoria. Head for the milk chocolate ones for that joyful balance.


Serious business begins hereth. Three wise men for company and a very knowledgeable sommelier.


Rule of thumb, take a whiff - a deep one before the swirling and sipping begin.


Spey Chairman's Choice

Aged in a combination of sherry and bourbon casks, this follows a tradition whereby the chairman of the company would select his best casks to serve to his family on Christmas Day. The tradition continues and a small amount is released globally on this day each year.  

Light and slightly creamy with hints of vanilla nad toffee. That gentle citrusy finish of sweet and sour peaches makes this an easy start for the beginners.


 Glengoyne Cask Strength

This is Scotland’s slowest distillation, bottled as tradition insists: at cask strength, un-chillfiltered. Spicy with a mild cinnamon taste, the slight burnt finishing is also sweet like bananas.


Bruichladdich 1992

Heavier spices like star anise and mulled wine are perhaps used in distilling it, leaving a sweet and slightly nutty aftertaste.


Bar and Billiard Room appeals to both the ladies and men, I would gladly recoil to a corner with a plate of my favourite morsels and a cocktail in hand while the man takes on the fine whiskies and a cigar.

Truth be told, we find it hard to agree on a place that would make us both happy without compromising - until Bar and Billiard Room of course.

Ciao bella!

Bar and Billiard Room
Raffles Hotel

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