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Wedding Dinner @ Raffles Hotel

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With the sister's nuptials coming right up, I have the privilege of reliving the pre-wedding days sans all of the jitters and stress. Hooray for siblings. 

Off to Raffles Hotel for our closed door tasting - no signage at all but we had the glittery ballroom to ourselves and a dedicated waitress who would plate the dishes and ensure we were served well.


Homemade Iced Lemon Tea


Logo-ed plates, old school and really classic.


Eight Harmony Treasures


I marvelled at the way this was plated, every item was strategically placed in order of flavour I assumed. The crispy five spice tofu was lacking in flavour and my favourites were actually the jellyfish, money bag and roast duck.


Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Crab Meat and Roe


Everytime shark's fin is served, it does elicit some form of guilt. However, that being said I still enjoy this delicacy very much. Best eaten with fish roe, decadence in its highest form.


Steamed Live Water Prawn with Chinese Herb in Bamboo Basket


A well executed live prawn dish with such freshness and succulence. There is no better way to eat fresh prawns than having them steamed.


Steamed Red Snapper with Supreme Soya Sauce and Julienne Leek


Fresh and meaty, for once I relished every bite, including the leeks. Delicious much. 

Slow Braised Eight Treasured Duck with Chestnut


The server niftilly dissected the sprawling duck that had its belly brimming with treasures. It is a close cousin of braised pig trotters and black moss, a very festive CNY dish. While I find the breast meat dry, the drumsticks were flavourful and juicy.


Steamed Broccoli with Wolfberry in Crabmeat Gravy


Crunchy brocolli with a crabmeat gravy so decadent, I actually wish there were crab pincers thrown in too.


Braised Ee Fu Noodle with Mushroom and Yellow Chive


These were done the authentic cantonese way, so says the hongkie. Noodles are soft with a foamy texture rather than the usual springiness that I thoroughly enjoy. Not a fan of this one.


Chilled Homemade Bean Curd with Black Sesame Paste

A pleasant surprise awaited us at the end of the meal with a western interpretation of an asian dessert. Almost like panna cotta in black sesame paste, very light and it provided a comforting finish for this food tasting session. 

I look forward to the real deal later this year!

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