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Royal China Revisited @ Raffles Hotel

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Royal China ran a Groupon promotion for their pre-set dinner menus and at $55 per head, excluding taxes it seemed like an irresistible deal. Until we verified it, of course. 


Sliced Peking Duck accompanied Goose Liver Paste, Home-made Pancake

This dish was all set for peking duck but it was the very item that was missing - we had the buns, crispy skin, spring onion and sticky sauce, all but the missing duck which was found in a goose liver paste. Delicious, nonetheless.


Seafood Consommé served in Whole Mini Pumpkin

I was excited at the prospect of having soup in a steamed mini pumpkin, felt like halloween already except that this was a delectable halloween dish. The thickened broth and chockfuls of seafood made this easy to love. I refused to give up on my pumpkin till I scraped it so clean, leaving just a thin layer of skin, the heartiest pumpkin soup ever.


Pan-fried Sea Perch Fillet in Superior Soya Sauce 

There are few cooked fish dishes that make me friends of the sea and this was one of them. Succulent flakes of fillet with a simple drizzle of sauce.


Chef’s Signature Live “Boston” Lobster Noodles with Ginger and Shallot Sauce

I did not think that the menu looked comprehensive for a belly good time yet truth be told, by the time it reached this dish I was almost brimming with satisfaction. This had to simply seal the night for gluttony at its best.


We all received different parts of the lobster with a portion of springy noodles. Saving the best for the last meant I had my noodles neat without lobster and when it came to partaking of the prized crustacean, I wish I can officially switch camps from crab to lobster for the rest of my life.

Easily teased from their shell, the lobster was well cooked, very fresh and so fleshy! I can rave on and on till eternity how much I love this dish, I definitely cannot wait to be back for this!


Chrysanthemum Apple Jelly with Diced Aloe Vera accompanied Chilled Glutinous Rice Ball with Cream and Fresh Fruits 

The meal then ended on a perfect 10 with chilled jelly, more tame and calming in flavours as compared to the other rich dishes.


The rice ball was less outstanding though with a distinct whipped cream taste that I did not fancy.

Royal China does not disappoint once again, infact it always leaves me with too many good memories. I do not have to promise to be back because I will.

Royal China
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