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Irodori Japanese Restaurant @ Riverview Hotel


It has been ages since I had Japanese buffet. Absence does make the heart fonder, slightly fonder. Made reservations for Irodori, another highly recommended restaurant amongst the peers.


Crowded! Private dining rooms are available but I am not too sure if extra surcharges are included.

table of

Table long enough to accomodate 13.

wolf blass

Brought our own red, surprisingly red wine does go pretty well with sushi!


Simple cutlery for a not so simple meal.


Wasabi so potent.

green tea tofu

Greentea Tofu

Lightly flavoured silken tofu peppered with fish roe, yummilicious.


Ebi Mentai Mayo

grilled prawn

One order of this allowed, this grilled item was appetite whetting. Great flavour and uber fresh.

sashimi moriawaise

Sashimi Moriawase
Salmon, Tuna, Yellow Tail, Sword Fish, Cuttlefish, Octopus, Snapper

A sashimi platter that would please any raw fish fan. Thick fresh slices of meats beautifully plated - at least for buffet standards!


Salmon sashimi sliced so thick!


sushi rolls

California Maki

Always a crowd pleaser.

Irodori Maki

Soft grains of rice used, easy to eat despite the larger than usual portions. Ingredients used were fairly appetizing too. Irodori Maki is made of lobster salad and some other tasty bits - rice, always a bane at buffets yet I gladly embrace them at Irodori.

Grilled dishes


Saba Shioyaki

Did not attempt but apparently really good.

salmon teriyaki

Still salmon and loving the additional dash of lemon juice.

teriyaki salmon

Shake Shioyaki

Adored the grilled skin and crispy layers, incredibly delish.



Perfect as a snack.




spider temaki


tamago temaki


Crispy seaweed meets soft rice and delish stuffings, still embracing their sushi!

Mushi/Shiru Mono



Decent egg custard.

miso soup

Miso Soup

One of those rare times that I liked it enough to empty it.

Ippinmono (Appetizers)



Perfect dinner nibblers.

Agemono (Deep Fried)

veg tempura

Mixed Tempura

This was under their list of recommended eats. Tempura batter was light though the oil taste did get to the later reorders.

prawn tempura



A tad dry.


Belittle pumpkin not when desserts are not part of the buffet. This sweet vegetable sliced thinly made a great after dinner snack.

mushroom tempura


My favourite of the lot - plump mushrooms nary the earthy woody taste that some shun. I forgot how many I popped into my mouth - oiishii.



Chicken skewers or satay as the table called it. Loved the chargrilled fragrance and flavour of this.


Age Gyoza

Not a fan of this though, the oil taste overshadowed.



This breaded item is irresistibly addictive. Curried mash potato deepfried, would have preferred slightly more body in the mash but this was outstanding.


beef with ginger

Beef Shogayaki

Pepper in Ginger sauce, a must try! Melt in your mouth beef slices, the greatest pity of this is it arrived way too late to savour and make a reorder.

enoki beef

Beef Enoki Maki

Beef slice wrapped around mushrooms, loved the bite.


cold soba

Zaru Soba

Nothing too inspiring.

curry udon

Curry Udon

Curry was watery and lacking in flavour. Udon was overcooked. Possibly the only letdown of the night.

Spread of buffet variety is there at an astounding 108 dishes, try as I may I would have loved to sink my pearlies into all of them. Alot more hits than misses for a buffet in general, so Irodori is definitely worth the while. One main grouse goes to their lack of service or unwillingness to serve, most unfortunately. Not so much a case of orders being forgotten but waitresses take orders with most reluctance.

Lunch and Dinner: $35++

Irodori Japanese Restaurant
River View Hotel, Lvl 3

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Royal China Revisited @ Raffles Hotel


Royal China always brings a smile everytime a meal is arranged there. Was expecting a CNY Dim Sum lunch over CNY Set Menu though but anyway here's what we had this year!


Same decor.


Mighty love of their robin blue walls and pillars.



sugary treats

Yearly favourite of these sugary treats, personal favourite goes to sugared lotus seeds.


Bountiful Harvest Salmon Yusheng

A must have every single year, none too spectacular. Portions were somehow too much for the table of us.

crab roe sharks fin

Braised Shark's Fin with Fresh Crab Meat in "Tan Jia" Broth

With many hotels taking their stand on removing Shark's Fin from the menu, Royal China has continued to serve this delish delicacy. Adored the rich broth, two thumbs up.

soon hock

Steamed Live "Soon Hock" With Minced Garlic and Diced Chilli

Flesh was too soft and somehow a mismatch with the minced garlic and diced chilli pairing.


Wok-Fried King Prawns in Home-made Western Sauce

Fresh prawn with a delectable sauce.


Chef's Signature Barbecued Crispy Chicken In Sesame Sauce

One letdown of a dish, barely crispy skin with tender chicken. Would have preferred the original crispy skin chicken with seasalt.

hoe see fatt choy

Braised Golden Oyster with Sliced Abalone, Black Moss and Garden Green

Great effort was placed into this dish - bean curd jacket stuffed with oyster, mushroom and black moss. Looked like an ingot! Pity the abalone was sliced too thin but otherwise a pretty well executed dish.

glutinous rice

Wok-Fried Glutinous Rice with Diced Preserved Meat

Soft chewy grains heavily flavoured with preserved meat, I liked it but response for this was split.


Chilled Fresh Mango Juice with Sago and Pomelo

Thick mango juice with sour mango cubes and sago, a great refreshing dessert. I like how there are two variations of dessert - hot and cold to please the tastebuds!

nian gao

Pan-fried Royal China Chinese New Year Cake

Still as coconutty as I remember it to be. Tasted quite like nonya kueh here.

lion dance

After two consecutive years of the same set menu, I came to realize set menus are not a good gauge of Royal China's prowess. They are capable of so much more...ala carte dimsum soon!

$728++ for 10 persons

Royal China
Raffles Hotel

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Alsalam Restaurant @ Changi Road

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Opposite Kembangan station are streets of good food which I have yet to seriously sit down and try them all. Laziness I say when people from near and far patronize it so regularly. Alsalam is an Indian Muslim eatery, with a range of malay and indian dishes.


Plain Naan ($1.40)

Purportedly famous, the naan smelt heavenly. Really chewy without a trace of oil...blimey! I healthier option to prata. This came with fish curry which upped the tantalizing-factor by a couple of notches.


Tandoori Chicken

A tad dry and too salty.



Mashed potato was a little too loose, otherwise not too bad.

curry veg

Curry Vegetable

I thought this was done really well - flavourful with a lot of spice. Generous portion of vegetables and tau kwa.

chilli egg

Chilli Egg

Chilli was quite well done with the appropriate amount of spice and oomph. Great with rice.

The waiters took the liberty to reheat the food and serve them piping hot. All in $9.90 for a meal that fed three and left us stuffed, surprisingly. Good deal methinks!

Alsalam Restaurant
457 Changi Road

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