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Alsalam Restaurant @ Changi Road

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Opposite Kembangan station are streets of good food which I have yet to seriously sit down and try them all. Laziness I say when people from near and far patronize it so regularly. Alsalam is an Indian Muslim eatery, with a range of malay and indian dishes.


Plain Naan ($1.40)

Purportedly famous, the naan smelt heavenly. Really chewy without a trace of oil...blimey! I healthier option to prata. This came with fish curry which upped the tantalizing-factor by a couple of notches.


Tandoori Chicken

A tad dry and too salty.



Mashed potato was a little too loose, otherwise not too bad.

curry veg

Curry Vegetable

I thought this was done really well - flavourful with a lot of spice. Generous portion of vegetables and tau kwa.

chilli egg

Chilli Egg

Chilli was quite well done with the appropriate amount of spice and oomph. Great with rice.

The waiters took the liberty to reheat the food and serve them piping hot. All in $9.90 for a meal that fed three and left us stuffed, surprisingly. Good deal methinks!

Alsalam Restaurant
457 Changi Road

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  1. you must try mak's place. a little further down at 401 changi road, it's only opened after 4pm.
    heavenly butter squid and thai fried rice!

  2. we come here once/twice a month for their dosai, the plain one is really good and their tandoori is not bad, budget pricing and dining by the road side are great :)

  3. @anon: wow..thanks for the heads up!

    @adel: wow, dosai sounds great! can't wait to be back. :)