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I'm not too sure what prompted me to go search for good croissants. 可頌 was Rainie Yang's favourite comfort food in the idol drama 醉後決定愛上你 - which I relentlessly chased and swooned over the uber romantic dialogues and scenes. Or there was Meryl Streep in It's Complicated where she acted as a baker who sought therapy in late night baking - a particular scene was her baking chocolate croissants! I've always loved croissants - they belong to this category of food that I love yet they don't surface to the mind whenever I'm craving for a foodie perk me up.

I had one of the most unforgettable ham and cheese croissant in Amsterdam - nothing comes near, unfortunately. While I can only continue the croissant dream, I tried to fulfill the cravings locally.

Cedele, $1.80


Perfectly shaped.

croissant eaten

Shaped like a bull-horn, I was insane enough to admire the shape of the pastry before tucking into it. No offers to reheat it. Was rather ordinary a croissant with greasy remains thereafter. Flaky layers with mild buttery pastry.

starbucks croissant

Starbucks, $3
Buttery Croissant

At almost double the price of Cedele, I had the extra perks of my croissant being heated up complete with a plastic knife, jam and french butter.

starbucks croissant chewed

Smelt like a slice of heaven, buttery and absolutely fragrant. I was thankful it was not oily not greasy. Infact, lather on a layer of unsalted butter I was almost on cloud 9. Tastes great savoury and sweet, I'm undecided which is better. I wish for a crispier crust though but this was yummy. Layers more defined than Cedele's and heartier.

spinelli croissant

Spinelli, $3
Brittany Butter Croissant

Priced the same as Starbucks, I had the privilege of getting my croissant reheated. Either butter or jam with it, not both. Honestly, really disappointing.

spinelli croissant cut

No crisp layers being torn apart - it was simply bread shaped like croissant. Terribly dry layers and the most classic case of reheating for the sake of it. Lukewarm croissants are as good as cold.

jones croissant

Jones The Grocer, $2.50
Butter Croissant

croissant sliced

 Has got to be the best!

Maisen Kayser ($2.50)

The French Bakery ($2) - So close to Jone's!

Let me continue on this search for the croissant that wins the heart!

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. I so like your photos! They are very nice :-) Greetings from Germany

  2. wow the best croissants I had was in Venice for breakfast.

    the problem i have with croissants was always the same either too oily, too hard or too dry, not easy to get it right it seems.

    I remember Chubby Hubby and a number of other bloggers used to rave about a Mirabelle's croissants but I think the bakery is no longer around now.

  3. Pity about their croissants, but Spinelli's salads are surprisingly quite good. Hearty and delicious. Can give them a try sometime. (: Since you're on a salad roll. :P

  4. @barenfamilie: thanks! :)

    @xinli: tons about mirabelle's. And yes, finding the croissant that resonates with me seems to be tres difficult. At least jone's comes close!

    @ice: oh yes! i will. soon!

  5. Choupinette at Bt Timah is the best in SG the chocolate one :)

  6. @ liverella: ahh have yet to venture to tt part of SG yet...! will take note!

  7. The husband and I are also on the search for great croissant....after eating an amazing ginormous yet amazing good one in Woodstock, Vermont?? The husband's french, so his standard is high as he can eat them like for breakfast, lunch & dinner lol.
    We have tried and liked Maison Kayser, Paul's (though hubby thought that Paul's in Tokyo was way better), Choupinette's to name a few. I will stay tune to your search :) Good luck!!