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Simon Meijssen Bakery @ Amsterdam, Holland

We bade Brussels a teary reluctant goodbye, boarded the Inter City Express (ICE) train for Amsterdam..the land of legal vices. Think smoking pot (There was one lone stranger almost dancing and singing Hip Hop on the streets, not exactly posing a nuisance but the police were called in), sex (alright, they are known for the red light district and the sex museum!), drink (Heineken my love!)...and of course, museums (Van Gogh!).

Call it lucky or unlucky but the 2 days we were spending in Amsterdam were right on the two days of the Euro D'Italia Race, a bike race the equivalent of F1 in Singapore. Roads get sealed, transport becomes a pain (the ONLY tram to our hotel was stopped for the day) and that was more or less how I ended up asking at least 6 people how to get to our hotel and was brought around Holland literally (the cantonese saying for the blind leading the blind!) and found the light at the end of the bleak tunnel in a post man on a bicycle!

That big hoola took an hour, at least...under the light drizzle. By the time we lugged the luggages to the hotel and plonked ourselves down, I must have walked enough to burn last night's calories too!

Sorry for the lengthy tale but that was how we ended up stopping by a bakery, Simon Meijssen's. I saw quite a few outlets throughout the city (at least around Leidsplein and Dam Square). Some history about Simon Meijssen, he picked a tip or two from French bakers and brought France to Amsterdam, literally.

Cupcakes to remember the bike race!

Cupcakes seen in Europe tend to have their paper cups folded outward...figure that makes eating easier?

Take your pick from the wide array.

Ham and Cheese Croissant sat lonely on the shelf, we requested for it to be reheated and it was the most incredible-marvellous-delicious croissant I've ever eaten.

Croissant baked to such crispiness without being flaky, cheese was generously strewn atop and embedded within. The roll of ham served its due purpose, tantalising the tastebuds further. I could not help picking at the burnt cheese bits and nibbling. I really could eat this everyday for the rest of my life.

How could I miss this! The cause of all the misery summed up in a cupcake. ;p

Totally girlie, totally pink, totally cute. Albeit ordinary looking, the cupcake was awesomely good. Soft, fluffy and well, wholesome.

Simon Meijssen's was so good, we returned the following day to pick up breakfast! I would never forget waking up bright and early, taking a stroll to a bakery to get breakfast despite the chill. Lovely memories...

White bread roll with such density and chewyness...I think this love affair with bread was reignited all over again.

Chocolate Croissant which we failed to get reheated, did not wow as much as the ham and cheese but still good!

Getting this was hilarious.

"Is this Dutch?" *points to cookie*

So there was it, I bought the cutest heart cookie in Amsterdam.

Made with a crumbly cookie base, smeared with berry jam ( a sweet-sour chewy combination) and melt in your mouth sides. Compared to Linzer Tortes that I've tried, the cookie version is drier but outstanding on its own. Fills you up quite considerably too.

Pecan Pie, yet another christmas personal favourite. Crunchy tart base with the scrummiest of fillings.

Hearty fare Simon Meijssen dishes up for everyone, both the budget conscious and the bigger pockets. I'm sure you'd be able to find something that fits the craving.

Simon Meijssen Bakery

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  1. sadly we can't those those crossaints here in sg :/ but you can try mirabelle patisserie for your fix!

  2. yeah! most unfortunately...ive been reading quite abit on mirabelle...i hope to try soon!