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Maison Kayser @ Scotts Square

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maison kayser

Maison Kayser at Scotts Square is one of the two highly rated boulangeries these days, after Paul's at Takashimaya. Barely filled on a weekend for brunch, the crowds started trickling in slightly past noon - not quite an indication of how popular it is as compared to Paul's.

note from the baker

Table reminders how to store your bread purchases!

bag carrier 

Bag carriers, nice!

Join the queue to take your pick amongst the rows of baked goodies.


Simple french pleasures, do ask for butter to complete the meal.


Crouplet ($2.90)

Highly recommended are the baguette and a couple of flavoured breads.

wholegrain bread

Methinks of it as a wholemeal bread roll, dense and chewy yet lacking in oomph.

Croissant ($2.60)

croissant inside

Lauded to-die-for, these were barely warm much less served piping hot. Fragrance was clearly missing here though a deeper whiff did unveil a luxurious buttery finish. Amazingly crisp yet lacking in the same mindblowing gummyness that Jones The Grocer executed so well. Perfect with a dollop of jam or lather or butter.

eclair whole

Strawberry Eclair ($3.70)

Too pretty to resist.

A range of flavours were up for grabs - green tea, mocha, vanilla, strawberry and old fashioned chocolate.

strawb eclair

Aoki Sadaharu spoilt me rotten with the most amazing green tea eclair and Maison Kayser's does fare well enough. Choux pastry is dense while strawberry filling was midly sour to offset the sweet frosting which had a slight sticky texture. Comes across quite like glue than frosting. Perhaps I am no strawberry fan of anything so this was alright for me.

Would love to try the other pastries and breads they have! Maison Kayser strikes as slightly aloof and hardly welcoming, missing out on the warmth of brunch and enthusiasm of crowds somehow. Probably the working crowds would love this place - great for picking up a quick bite and strutting off.

Maison Kayzer
Scotts Square

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