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Jones The Grocer Revisited @ Mandarin Gallery

After the few attempts at Jones I never thought I'd ever be back again - ok, that was a disappointing start. Until I read an article praising their croissants to the skies - yes, I am on a croissant search. For the croissant that would make me LV-Prada-and possibly Hermes happy. Initially I was still toying with the idea of brunch at Wild Honey, until I saw their obsessed crowds. Not that Jones did not have one that did not match, at least with a space double the size, people and food move faster. So 20 minutes in the queue, I was placed quite nicely at a corner with a couple next to us.

abit of jones

I think the homemaker in me was slightly awakened with all the beautiful crockery and kitchen goodies.

eggs and toast

Eggs with Toast ($9.50)

Poached, scrambled or fried, the eggs can come in any of the three ways mentioned. Two slices of toasted sourdough bread and a slab of butter.

flowy poached egg

The obsession with an egg with a gaping slit continues - love the orange yolk!


Bread was good, so was butter and egg was runny but it was tasteless. Reach for any of the salt shakers and pepper crackers for a little seasoning - you're good to go. The request for ketchup took forever to arrive, thankfully before the last bite!

jones croissant

Butter Croissant ($2.50)

The critics have spoken and deemed this best in Singapore - I am sensitive to the word "best". Jones purportedly has the best butter and chocolate croissants. With majority of the tables spotting a croissant per diner has to say something? Sure set the bar

Trays of them were continously brought out from the kitchen - no issues about a lukewarm croissant, me likes that!

croissant sliced

Slicing through this was painful - watching the beautifully created croissant disintegrate.

Gorgeous crisp layers of croissant meets an absolutely stunning gummy texture within. No butter nor jam required to up the stakes for this. Best croissant? Hallelujah. I found it!

sultana scone

Sultana Scone ($4)

Positioned so strategically next to the croissants was a stack of scones under a bell jar. I had to have one. Almost double the size of usual scones, this was a heavyweight.

scones with jam

Slap on jam and I was on my way to heaven. Buttery and moist, amazing that the sultanas did not make this overly sweet. Loved the jam! Was really tempted to grab a jar home!

Wowed by Jones' bakery more so than the kitchen, after numerous attempts. Crowd on a Saturday tends to be mostly from the gym nearby - mostly expats and blame your luck if you face the same situation as me - having a couple who spoke at the top of their lungs, with the lady speaking at machinegun speed 95.5% of the time. God bless the guy.

Jones The Grocer
Mandarin Gallery

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