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Selegie Soya Bean @ Marine Parade Market

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Been patronizing Selegie Soya Bean for the longest time, not sure if they're under the same "Selegie" family umbrella, nonetheless...they serve awesome soya bean curd! They promise freshness, that their soya bean's made and sold within two hours!

The jelly like texture, soft and melt-in-your mouth. I had the soya bean curd with red bean, the red beans had a particular aftertaste. Nonetheless, enjoyed the healthy treat tremendously.

$1.60/bowl of Soya Bean Curd with added ingredients; a choice of grass jelly, red bean, gingko nuts, gula melaka, pearls.

Selegie Soya Bean

Marine Parade Market
Opp Parkway Parade

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Waraku @ Heeren

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A brand new Waraku outlet (Both De Pasta and Waraku) opened at Heeren...and true to Waraku style, they offered a 50% rebate in terms of vouchers for your next visit. I dragged R there, even if it meant going through 2 ERP gantries (ahhh, the agony of being cheapo). Found out that they opened one at HMV because they closed the other at Starhub Centre.

Very courteous service though no reservations were allowed during this promotional period (ended 22 Sep). Tried completely new dishes this time round!

Hotate Butter ($6.80) was pretty good but on hindsight, I should've stuck to Hotate Mayonnaise. Grilled scallops with the layer of batter (like agedashi tofu) and quite a bit of mushrooms. Could not quite taste the butter but with the wedge of lemon, quite a tasty dish.

Tonkatsu Wazen ($15.50), breaded pork cutlet with udon soup and potato salad. Kinda disappointed with this, after trying Tonkichi's...Waraku's attempt comes across as a tad too tough, too dry and not as fragrant. The sauce with sesame seeds was appetizing. The potato salad was refreshing as well.

Kaminabe Wazen ($19.80), beef paper steamboat with tempura and sashimi. Three measly pieces of tempura, found the tempura batter a lil on the thick side. Apparently a best seller...but I didn't quite see how.

For once, Waraku disappointed, maybe I should just stick to my regular orders of Niku Curry, Ebiten Maki and Hotate Mayonnaise. The Heeren outlet is more spacious than the rest of them. Well for the 50%, I can't complain can I?

For location, it's surely better than Starhub Centre. More visits to come!

All graphics from Waraku's website.

Level 5

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Snyders Pretzel Pieces @ Candy Empire

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An awesome find at Candy Empire! Sourdough Hard Pretzels with a nice cheesy taste and bite. I could not stop once I started eating. Sinful, sinful...perfect to snack on.

Comes in several flavours; Hot Buffalo Wings, Buttermilk Ranch, Cheddar Cheese, Honey Mustard & Onion, Jalapeno, Steakhouse Onion and Garlic Bread. Not sure if all are sold at Candy Empire.


Candy Empire

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The Strudel House @ Railway Mall

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Apple strudels are a dime too many these days with it being the "IT" food item of the moment years back as with bubble tea and donuts. Renaldo's and Ritz are the couple of old names that have withstood the test of time..even Delifrance and Polar puffs have mini-strudels too! I still remember clamoring for the must-have years back, bugging my parents to get me some.

We had the pleasure of trying the apple strudel by The Strudel House, compliments of R. Comes in a handy box, like all strudels, half a loaf!

The apple strudel has layers of sugared fluffy pastry sandwiching delicious slices of apples and custard. Coupled with ice-cream, it's decadent, delightful...and a very deserving way to end the week! TSH's strudel isn't too sweet, the apples have a bite and aren't too overpowering in taste, goes really well with the custard.

In all honesty, I can't taste any difference between Renaldo's or Ritz's or TSH's. Other flavours available include durian, peach, mango, strawberry and apple.

$11/half loaf

The Strudel House

462 Upper Bukit Timah Road
The Rail Mall
6765 5616

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Aston's Specialties @ The Cathay

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Aston's is fast becoming a favourite place to hangout...celebrate birthdays...and hen's party! We celebrated a hen's party on pretext of a birthday celebration there. The Cathay is was, for the spacious area (or so we thought!) and relatively lesser crowd (once again, or so we thought!).

No reservations allowed. :(

We headed there at 130pm, waited almost 45 minutes for a table...because those infront of us were also waiting for a big table! Think a table of 10, 5 and ours, 6. We were offered a table outside, baking in the sun though. After a near eternity of waiting, we finally got our table!

Black pepper steak, stirloin steak and beefy jack burger was all we ordered together with the usual snapple, hot chocolate and ice-lemon tea. The sides are as usual, only complain...the steaks turned out quite differently for us despite ordering the same!

My order of "Medium well" was served well done but my friend's had a nice cherry red tinge to it. The outlet at East Coast is more consistent with the quality.

The rest quite enjoyed the food. The group of staff serving us was really accommodating with our requests for plates, cups with ice and all, they even joined us singing the birthday song!

Not sure if I'll go out of the way again for Aston's at The Cathay.

Aston's Specialties

The Cathay

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Cake @ BreadTalk

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Ice Queen's a pretty looking strawberry cake with dollops of cream round it. The vanilla sponge is soft and fluffy, but was a little to the soggy side, possibly due to it not being chilled properly. The strawberries had a sour twang to it, not too bad! Cream was lightly sweetened, finger lickin' good.

$28 for small, 20% off cake of the week.


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BonBon Tea @ Vivocity 2

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After the very memorable lychee sorbet I had a while ago at BonBon Tea...I had to eat it again this time. Ordered the cone with lychee sorbet. The bill came up to be exorbitant, $4.50 for slightly more than a scoop of sorbet, $1 for the cone that was not crunchy but smelt really nice. I didn't finish it at all cos' sorbet and cones NEVER go well together. Sigh. Gastronomical mistake. R's vanilla cone was also a disaster. The total bill was $11 for two cones we didn't finish!

The first time any ice-cream parlour has disappointed with cones. Are ice-cream with cones such a rocket science?

BonBon Tea

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Eryimin Beancurd @ Rochor

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Sibling rivalry is common amongst family businesses, particularly in the F&B line? Offhand I can rattle off a few...the famous Fei Fei Wanton Mee in Joo Chiat has brothers opening similar stalls, slightly different names. There's Tai Chong Kok too, with family members opening confectionaries also with the same name, varying only in branches. The quality of food does have a difference in terms of taste though pricing is the same.

Here we have another, soya bean! Eryimin is the 4th outlet belonging to the same family, headed by the only girl in the family of the famous "Selegie Rochor Beancurd". Located just next to the beancurd outlet at Short Street it boosts of a more modest crowd as compared to her brother next door. At least that's what I saw at 1230am in the morning.

Variety wise, somewhat lacking...or maybe they were not displayed. The company of 3 shared...

Soya Beancurd..apparently smooth according to those who had it.

Soya Bean Milk, no sugar...somewhat thin. I requested for soya bean milk lukewarm, it came burning hot. ;S

Vegetable Currypuff that was proclaimed "the worst ever".

Fried can't quite go wrong with this.

I'll probably still stick with the outlet next door, sometimes crowds say alot.

Eryimin Beancurd
4 Short Street

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Old Chang Kee Take 5! @ Ogilvy Centre

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Take 5 by Old Chang Kee has been around for quite some time and I've been wanting to try it out but the long queues always put me off. Was lucky enough to nab a table for 2 with the help of Mrs K. :) Lunch crowds are brisk.

Place your order at the counter, take a number, food's served in a jiffy! Take 5 possibly because they serve 5 different lunch sets; nasi lemak, curry, stew, sambal fish and..snacks like chicken wings. The rest of the OCK fare is on sale too.

Take 1: Dairy Curry Chicken with Rice

A choice of bread or rice. The curry chicken is served in a bowl, with rice and pathetic looking pickles. This dish is the hot seller, according to Mrs K. Tender chicken, delicious her words.

Take 2: Traditional Beef Stew in Loaf

I tried this instead. The beef chunks were flavourful, gravy wasn't that thick, went quite well with the bread. The bread bowl's chewy, but a far cry from Soup Spoon's thick delicious breadbowl. Lotsa radish and carrot cubes in this, I found maybe 2 pieces of button mushroom. Overall tasty.

All dishes are $3.90, $5 for setmeals including drinks.

Good enough for a hasty lunch, good enough for a nice chat too. Will be back for the other dishes.

Take 5!
The Ogilvy Centre

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Full Month Package @ Sweetest Moments

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Here's another special that revolves around happy things..not weddings...but baby's full month! Gone are the days where Bengawan Solo Cake vouchers are a must-give during full month...the buzz full month packages are in boxes...! Received one pink box, love the whole cutsey approach...uber cuteness!

It's called "Happy Cup" Package with 4 strawberry swiss rolls, 2 red eggs, 2 mini cupcakes, 2 mochi (1 red bean, 1 green tea) and the 2 peanut ang ku kuehs!

Everything about it is...just so cute. Can't stop gushing how adorable the package is done up. Now...for the taste test!

Strawberry Swiss Roll -- Not oily, moist and soft. Delicious!

Mochi -- The skin's a lil thick but I quite like the chewy bite to it.

Ang Ku Kueh -- It's got coconut in it, didn't mind it too much.

Cupcake -- SOOOO cute. Small enough to pop both in your mouth.

Seriously, gifts are leaving such impressions on the recipients these days, I think I was happier receiving it than enjoying it. :)

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Cedele By Bakery Depot @ 8 Shenton

One of those lunch dates that I adore...partly for good company, partly for good food...and most importantly...sit still to enjoy the food with much aplomb...i.e., a slow lunch. :) Rare occasions for that actually and within CBD, it's rare to find spots to enjoy lunch without being affected by the hurrying tempo of the people around you.

The first time in several years I actually sat in for a meal, not just takeaway desserts.

Beef Onion Cheese Burger; $9.80

Minced beef patty sandwiched between lettuce, tomato slices, cheddar cheese and caramelised onions, on walnut bread. Uber delicious! One of the heartiest burgers I've had in a while. The minced beef patty isn't too salty, nor fatty, in fact it's very meaty and delicious. The onions added the sweet touch to the burger. The cheddar cheese went really well, not too salty either. Was so good, I couldn't bear using a fork and knife, I ate it with my hands!

Mushroom Quiche; $3.60/slice

A bland start to the meal, the mushrooms were generous but the pastry was somewhat dry and biscuit-like. Lacks a buttery finish, but I reckon cedele's all for going healthy.

Orange Carrot; $6/ slice

It's an olive oil based cake with orange frosting. At first bite, found it a little dry. The dry texture's apparently due to the whole grain flour used, or so explained by the counter staff. Other than that, delicious orange frosting. Couldn't quite taste the carrot in the cake though.

Overall, a very satisfying meal, minus the slight service glitch when it came to the water servings. We requested for 'warm water' BUT, the staff rejected getting them for us, referring us to the counter instead. Alas, she served the table NEXT to us cups of water minutes later.

Will be back, but definitely not for the service.

Cedele By Bakery Depot
8 Shenton Way
Singapore 068811
Tel: (65) 6327 9801

Opening hours
Mon - Fri: 7.30am to 8.00pm
Sat - Sun/Public Holidays: Closed

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Cafe Oliv @ East Coast Road

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It was a toss up between Togi Korean Food, Cafe Oliv and Beef Noodles. Cafe Oliv it was, eventually! At 6-odd in the evening, traffic is painfully slow in the cafe. We sat in a cosy corner, dimly lit...felt far away from the bustle outside. Service was prompt, ice-water was served even before I decided on what to eat.

Iced Lemon Tea/Green Tea

Came in nice long glasses...tasted like it were if it were in a can.

Mushroom Soup with toast

Pretty good, thick soup with crispy buttered toast! At the very least, it tasted better than Campbell's Soup! The mains arrived even before I finished my soup though, prompt service.

Parmesan Cheese Chicken Cutlet Coriander Dill Cream

It came looking very presentable, on a huge plate! Deep fried juicy chicken cutlet drizzled in creamy sauce, with roasted baby potatoes and root vegetables. I couldn't quite taste the cheese though. The chicken was not overfried, thankfully, tasted nice. There was a slight aftertaste which I can't pinpoint what exactly.

Pan-fried Pesto Cream Dory with Garlic Mushroom Olive Butter

Another presentable dish. The Dory fish was fresh, looked more grilled than pan-fried.

Crème brûlée

Huge portion! Started off tasting quite good but ended up tasting a lil overcooked, with the custard quite like jelly instead of cream. Not the best I've eaten.

Muddy Mud Pie

This was a surprise! A very big portion that puts N.Y.D.C. to shame! Drenched in sinful chocolate sauce and oreo powder, the thick slab of double layered coffee-chocolate chip ice-cream sends you on a decadent orgasm.

Impressive desserts I'd say! Overall, the food served satisfied both in quality and quantity AND value for money. It's one of those places that's under-rated, and it's a great pity! Rivals Aston's seriously, with no queue, comfy surroundings...and bigger portions too. Will be back for so many other dishes I wanna try!

All set dinners at $16.90 nett. Set lunches at $10.90 nett.

10% using NETS, only applicable to ala carte items.

Cafe Oliv
220 East Coast Road

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World Food Fair 2008 @ Suntec

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In this quest for good food comes withstanding horrific queues, crowds, squishing, squashing and every imaginable word for it. How can I miss the World Food Fair that promises an array of mouth watering treats...and ALL in one location? I needn't travel half an island for that fix of ice-cream or burger.

Throngs and throngs of people were there, sitting, standing, queuing and eating. The variety offered didn't seem to vary much from the one I went to 2 years back.

Went with three other like-minded people! The place was somewhat too smokey with Bak Kwa being sold at the entrance (!!) and satays at the the WHOLE place ended up stinking of barbequed food.

When you're super spoilt for choice, you end up choosing the most ordinary to try. Botak Jones! They were giving out $5 vouchers with every purchase. I've eaten Botak Jones before at Depot Road...

The three items we tried.

The Mini Me Beef Burger ($5), just the beef burger without the chunky fries or salad. The beef patty was somewhat too charred, could taste the burnt bits, but otherwise quite a juicy patty! Overall, a good enough portion, I find the usual portions at Botak Jones a little too much to stomach.

Smoked Turkey Sausage ($5) sandwiched between two sides of burger bread. The sausage tasted pretty good, not too salty, no fatty bits inside either.

Cajun Chicken Burger ($4) with plenty of onions! Normal.

Mango Snow Ice ($3.50). A pint of snow ice it is, drizzled with mango puree in a styrofoam cup. A delightful dessert! The ice is shaved so fine, you can hardly taste it, the puree isn't cloyingly sweet, perfect with the ice. The amazing thing about this dessert, it does not melt! I ate it between mouthfuls of the burger, even after finishing the burger, it hardly melted!

The savoury bites...of roasted duck wrapped in egg skin. Did not take note of which stall it came from, on the sweet side though.

The economical noodle and beancurd ($2) that nearly everyone bought! Tasty noodles with beancurd, nothing wow however.

The more popular choices during the fair are otah, shark's skin soup, laksa and also satay. Queues were too long for us to bother at all.

Walls' ice-creams were on promotion...$12 for 10...a good deal but I wasn't heading home! :(

Would have preferred if they featured more food options rather than health food which a proportion of the stalls were selling. Maybe have Singapore's Top 50 must-eats?
World Food Fair

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Hyang To Gol @ Amara Hotel

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I've not had korean food in weeks..nearly a month! I made the happy couple (Blamer & Leecher) and mr tyw visit Hwang To Gol with me..Well on the pretext of other stuff as well. :P Hyang To Gol's been a favourite lunch hangout of mine, to satiate the korean cuisine cravings, for as long as I've worked in the vicinity. The tea's got that roasted fragrance about it...nice!

2 menus up for tasting, the lunch specials and ala carte. The lunch specials are a steal and it's normally packed with native Koreans and locals. We didn't go for the lunch specials this time.

We shared...

Kimchi Hotpot with mushrooms, dumplings and pork belly (small, $29)

A flavourful broth filled with tons of vegetables (green peppers, leeks, onions, cabbage...kimchi), tofu, dumplings and slivers of pork belly. Found it slightly salty, maybe it's because we didn't have any rice to go with it. Found it more tasty than the authentic korean dishes I had in kimchiland itself...tweaked for the local palette I reckon.

Seafood Pancake ($22)

A pasty huge pancake that came in a hot stone. Rather tasteless if not for the sauce that came with it. Only found teeny weeny chopped up bits of seafood (clams and octopus). The burnt edges of the pancake was rather crunchy which I liked.

Side dishes that are refillable~! Only 7 types were available though.

Chilled kimchi in broth

I like this! The kimchi's not so strong on flavours, vegetables have a nice crunch..think carrots, radishes...

Lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes in salad sauce

The least Korean of the range of sides...not too bad, refreshing in fact.

Raw crab salad (right)

The crabs in the salad are the blue sri lankan ones? Not a crab connoisseur, however. The flesh was just soft..a far cry from the very fresh crab thai salad I had in Bangkok!


On the sweet side, just small pancakes with leeks in them.

Potato Salad
yummy, yum, yum! Potato Salad that's definitely not korean but a staple in the korean's diet. Delicious.

Preserved Radish Cubes
Nothing spectacular

Spinach with garlic

Green & Red Peppers with mushrooms
Somehow tasted oriental with the mushrooms and all.

2 types of kimchi (one was on the sweet side, the other salty)

I prefer the sweet based one.

Ended with the usual fruit (orange and watermelon) and a lukewarm ginseng, date, pine nut drink which I still like muchly! The rest weren't too receptive towards it.

All in, I found the service tardier than normal, possibly due to the bumper tourist crowd they had to entertain. The waitress spilled my sweet drink in a huff to get them all on the table. Price wise, $16 per person...quite a steal I say! Will be back for sure...maybe bbq? bimbap?

Having been to Korea, I find the korean cuisine here stronger in flavouring, enhancements and basically high on MSG. In Korea, the food's really in its most natural form (the exception of fermented vegetables!), with minimal seasoning or even cooking. Very healthy indeed. Even in hot pots, no oil is used, broths are lightly flavoured. I figure, Hwang To Gol's the next best alternative to authentic korean food, but definitely not what they serve in Korea.

Reservations are recommended!

Citibank and HSBC cards get 10% off.

Hyang To Gol
Amara Hotel
Level 2

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