Monday, September 29, 2008

Waraku @ Heeren

A brand new Waraku outlet (Both De Pasta and Waraku) opened at Heeren...and true to Waraku style, they offered a 50% rebate in terms of vouchers for your next visit. I dragged R there, even if it meant going through 2 ERP gantries (ahhh, the agony of being cheapo). Found out that they opened one at HMV because they closed the other at Starhub Centre.

Very courteous service though no reservations were allowed during this promotional period (ended 22 Sep). Tried completely new dishes this time round!

Hotate Butter ($6.80) was pretty good but on hindsight, I should've stuck to Hotate Mayonnaise. Grilled scallops with the layer of batter (like agedashi tofu) and quite a bit of mushrooms. Could not quite taste the butter but with the wedge of lemon, quite a tasty dish.

Tonkatsu Wazen ($15.50), breaded pork cutlet with udon soup and potato salad. Kinda disappointed with this, after trying Tonkichi's...Waraku's attempt comes across as a tad too tough, too dry and not as fragrant. The sauce with sesame seeds was appetizing. The potato salad was refreshing as well.

Kaminabe Wazen ($19.80), beef paper steamboat with tempura and sashimi. Three measly pieces of tempura, found the tempura batter a lil on the thick side. Apparently a best seller...but I didn't quite see how.

For once, Waraku disappointed, maybe I should just stick to my regular orders of Niku Curry, Ebiten Maki and Hotate Mayonnaise. The Heeren outlet is more spacious than the rest of them. Well for the 50%, I can't complain can I?

For location, it's surely better than Starhub Centre. More visits to come!

All graphics from Waraku's website.

Level 5

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  1. shouldn't it be Heeren building instead of HMV building?