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The Lokal Revisited @ Neil Road

Where do I even start with The Lokal? I love this place enough to visit at all times of the day, all day every week. Now if only the paycheck allowed, but here are some of my favourites for the three meals of the day. Dammit, I love everything on the menu - rawr.

Weekend brunch is the week's holy grail. SO much so, it's good food or don't bother trying. I get so annoyed when rave reviews bring me to a place that fails on all grounds - food, drink and atmosphere. Note the order of things though.  

Weekday lunches are easier affairs to handle, sans the crazed weekend brunch crowds and there are slight differences in the menu too!


The LOKAL Lobster Roll ($22)
Slipper Lobster Tails, Gherkin, Coleslaw, Lemon Mayonnaise 

Lobster rolls may have been a thing of 2015 but this still tempts whenever I spot it on the menu. The Lokal's version is cheaper and topped with slipper lobster instead of the usual boston lobsters. On the bland side but the toasted buns and tasty gherkin and coleslaw combination saved the day. Delicious.


Warm Mackerel Salad ($16)
Watercress, Apple, Pine Nuts, Pickled Onion and Herb Dressing

I love my salads and usually approach warm salads with some form of suspect. Yet this was outrageously the reverse, the pickled hints and grilled mackerel with green apples were spot on with flavours. An absolute delight, the carnivore had no issues with his somewhat herbivorous lunch.

And of course dinner, I love dinners at The Lokal. The crowds are more subdued and food options are way heartier than lunch. 


The Lokal Fish and Chips ($25)

Fish and chips is easily my earliest taste of western food and most if not all the time it comes with a grossly soggy and thick batter coated around a bland fillet.

Until cooks decided that there are better ways to do fish and chips. At least the folks at The Lokal nailed it. The batter was light and fluffy, fish was superbly fresh and flaky and the bestest thing had to be the coriander, chilli and lime combination that worked it so well.


Sweet potato fries done so right. I was tempted by Mcdonalds' cheap version awhile back but nothing quite beats real sweet potatoes made into fries.


Cape Grim Sirloin Tagliata ($28)
Cherry Tomatoes, Watercress, Asiago Cheese

Second time ordering, and second time charmed.


The searing leaves a droolicious and juicy shade of red, uber tender and seasoned with that sprinkle of cheese and watercress. I realise then the cut of beef is secondary, the chef's culinary skills are primary.

More visits for sure coming up!

Well if these do not already tempt you to make a visit now, maybe my other regurgitations will.

First impressions count
Second ones charm
Third's a keeper

The Lokal
136 Neil Road

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