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The Lokal Revisited @ Neil Road


For all the times that I have patronized The Lokal for Brunch and Lunch, I hardly considered Dinner though it seems that it was only recently that dinner service commenced.


Seafood Stew ($28)

Hearty stew with barley added for the extra bite, I loved the use of fish chunks, squid and clams. Their already superb toasts was definitely the icing on top of the cake - there are few seafood stews I lose my heart to and this is one of them.


Mixed Green Salad ($8.50)

The dressing was the highlight of this salad bowl, and The Lokal can even make me love their greens so.


Fat Chips ($10)

Befitting of the title fat chips, these crispy chunks dressed in shaved parmesan cheese was top of the charts for sin.


Cape Grim Sirloin Steak Tagliata ($28)
Cherry Tomatoes, Watercress, Asiago Cheese


Beautiful colours, perfectly seared steak and sprinkled with cheese. Nothing out of the ordinary but the flavours were right smack on the nail, spot on. Like what ingenuity does it need to pull off such delectable dishes.


Homemade onion jam to bring things up another notch.

And then of course, brunches at The Lokal always promised good things.


Coffee served in a beaker spells theatrics. 


Cold Brew ($6)


Bathed in a ice sphere, the caffeine addict found love in this morning shot.


Espresso ($4.50)

Eye on biscotti always while the caffeine addict slurped his way to nirvana.


Toasted Banana Bread ($12)
Homemade Vanilla Yogurt, Toasted Macadamia Nuts

After sticky date pudding, this wins for dessert I would wake up for. The spongey and uber fragrant banana bread puts banana cake to shame! The same kind of fluffiness and that tart homemade yogurt is a match made in heaven. Until of course the beautifully caramelised bananas and macadamia nuts.

Yes, in a heartbeat I would have dessert for breakfast again.


Toastie ($14)
Zucchini, Pesto, Eggplant, Tomato, Egg

Truly nothing fancy but this buttered toastie had me hands and eyes all concentrated on this crumbly delight. Nothing quite matches up to that crunchy sounds when I sink my teeth into it, dig into this vegetable laden toastie and wishing my toastie was larger in portions. I am sure my weekend appetite just grew exponentially. 


Spicy Beef Tomato Stew ($20)


This reminded me of a certain mexican breakfast of eggs and tomatoes at Wild Honey. Packed with enough anti oxidants, it was oddly very tasty with beef. 


A homemade sriracha chilli, mighty fiery and shiok.


The side of home cured salmon I had made me rethink all my choices of smoked salmon, instead of a overly marinated and strong smelling thin slices, here is a chunk of smoked heaven. Mildly salted and still retaining all the juices, I could be a smoked salmon convert for life just because of this. But, this poses a problem, if my future smoked salmon does not arrive looking like this, I am not eating.


A champ's winner with all things self picked. And a second slab of salmon it had to be. Satisfying, is a huge understatement.


Sunday's roast suntanning on the racks, chickens this time round!

Be back soon, as always. 

The Lokal
136 Neil Road

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