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The Lokal @ Teo Hong Road


Weekend brunch hollered and we were headed to The Lokal for their highly anticipated brunch. The first weekday lunch ended on a note that squealed - expensive. Somehow the brunch budget does go up as compared to lunch.

A mini queue formed and we even bumped into a friend there!


Counter seats it was then with full view of the kitchen and Fuzzy Chef himself was prepping salads infront of us - they were so tempting, I was almost going to order one regardless of my stomach space.


A long black for the mister and all I had my eye on was the inviting biscotti next to it.


Lemon Lime Bitters ($6)

I get very excited when sodas are made in house - there has been a renewed interest in all things made local, in house and better still if it's a relatively unknown flavour. I opted for a safe choice this time, lemon and lime bitters that gave a fizzy and refreshing beverage, exactly what I needed for the sweltering months ahead.


Pork Sausage Burger ($25)
Pineapple, swiss cheese, lettuce, onion jam, ketchup, and mustard on a sesame seed bun, served with chunky chips

I would have expected literal pork sausages being sandwiched by buns and this was a pork patty, layered with cheese and lettuce and somewhere in all those layers was a really juicy pineapple that gave the pork its tender texture.

Do ask for an extra portion of their chilli jam - finger licking good stuff and all the tastier with their awesomely crispy thick cut fries.


Sunday Roast ($28)

Roast beef served with root vegetables and mash that was swopped for more vegetables - a very pretty sight to behold. I usually do not rave about roast beef much because they either end up lacking in flavour or too tough - The Lokal mastered this with great aplomb - tender and charred at the edges. Those beef juices were very palatable.

Available only on Sunday from 11am.


Sticky Date Pudding

After we signed off the bill, Fuzzy Chef plonked down the sweet treat "from the kitchen" and we were swelling with appreciation. Turns out, he usually extends sweet gestures like that to diners infront of him - so that's a major tip now, aim for the counter seats!


This tasted the way my very first sticky date pudding at Marmalade Pantry tasted - the moment of "this is the way a sticky date pudding should taste". Dates were generously kneaded into every bite, that fluffiness of the pudding with a sweet and sticky sauce made perfect with that gigantic scoop of vanilla icecream.

After all the bad reviews I have read about their sweets, this was a major surprise. 

Sunday brunch was pleasing like punch, and almost as addictive as a satisfying lobster roll - speaking of which, they do that on weekdays and currently have no plans of including it as part of weekend brunch.

The Lokal
136 Neil Road

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