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The Lokal Revisited @ Neil Road


The Lokal has been top of the mind recall since Sunday Brunches have become our post-church activity. Eat and drink and may I add, make merry. I have blogged about The Lokal before and with a new found love interest, we have been going back so very often.


I'd love to stay for a pre-dinner tipple one of these days.


Brunch for two really ravenous people.


Homemade Ricotta ($18)
Smashed Avocado, Pomelo, Almonds, Toasted Sourdough

I love a generous Chef and this, was definitely overly generous with the kind of toppings that pile up so tall. That thick toasted sour dough was so satisfying, I would have been as happy nibbling through that as well.

Flavours are not strong for this but satisfaction is immense. Bland ricotta meets creamy avocado is one wedding of ingredients I would not miss.


Kaya Toast ($5.50)

Kaya Roti gone deconstructed with toasted bread and served with a chunk of butter and rameskin of homemade kaya custard, not forgetting the perfect sous vide poached egg. The kopitiam uncle would not be very happy to know that there is strong competition in this - prices aside, this is one dish that a Singaporean would love to the moon and back.


Those eggs and that egg yolk - no need for black sauce even. I ate them butter, kaya and egg yolk all at once and what happened after was waves of euphoria.

Homemade kaya so spot on, none of the artficially flavoured and oversweet synthetic nonsense that comes in jars, this is almost like creme brulee - loved the texture and flavour! Even the Hongkonger who likens our kaya to phlegm and being weird in texture actually lapped it all up, speaks mountains I say.


Grilled Chicken and Spinach as sides, equally delightful.


Roast Beef on Rye ($19)
Caramelised Onions, Watercress and Grain Mustard Creme Fraiche

They do undisputedly awesome bread and this rye bread did not disappoint once again. The combination of watercress, onions, mustard and roast beef - sublime. If Sunday Roast is your ritual, they have rotating proteins and pork belly and roast beef have been on the menu.

As The Lokal turned 1 the June that passed, I wish them a belated happy birthday and many more delicious years ahead.

The Lokal
136 Neil Road

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