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Kki @ SOTA

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Kki and I go back so long in time, almost as long as my friendship with Group Therapy Cafe. Back then, it was the only reason why I would attempt Ann Siang Hill on heels and made lunch belly happy.

Recounting the memories at Ann Siang Hill -
The memorable first
Twice a dream come through
Three times a lady

Sometime in 2013 and 2014, I lost touch with this lust worthy desserterie that made me love mousse and here comes 2015 where I finally paid them a visit at their new premise!


Antoinette ($8.80)
White chocolate mousse, mango

Prices have gone up from $8.50 and at some point $8 but price hikes are so common for me to even track. Memories of the same light as a feather mousse greets me, the white chocolate flavouring gets intertwined so beautifully well, I wish all mousse cakes taste the same.  


Fromage Melon ($9)
Cheese mousse, rock melon

The quest for perfection in smooth edges and roundish shapes continues with this fromage melon - I feel almonst bad breaking into the sphere. This had a tart finish and a crunchy sable base. 


Both choices had surprises within, melon and mango respectively.


Black Coffee ($4.80)

Coffee, is a by the way order and should remain so. 


Coconut Sables ($15)

I could barely resist a bag of these expensive coconut sables that they promise to be so fragrant and I cannot agree more. Coconut and I have a love hate, it usually comes across as over bearing and just too much but Kki mastered it quite beautifully.


The thoughtfulness of the cafe extends to the bag hook they lent me!


Kki home ware up for grabs too!


Minimalistic kind of chic.

Things have somewhat changed for the Kki experience, they now impose a minimum order of 1 per customer, prices have gone up and so have the crowds. The one thing that remains fiercely signature is still their amazing mousse cakes and truly, they remain the best of the best.


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