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K Ki @ Ann Siang Hill

K Ki caused much buzz amongst the food bloggers when Fen and Yuan first blogged about them. I first brushed this aside as "another Japanese confectionery" to the likes of Glace and Tampopo.

A stone's throw away from The Pattissier, K Ki shares the store with The Little Drom Store.

Signboards a many to direct you there!

Adoring the bright red mailbox to bits!!

I figure the amiable lady over the counter is Delphine and her husband, Kenneth's the baker. K Ki exudes friendliness, the same way Japanese eateries do. Pronounced "Cake-kee", like the Japanese would cute-sify most words, I blame the rigid mind for not immediately registering.

The Little Drom Store that sells bits and pieces of the past, quite like Mint Museum!

In a quaint way, K Ki reminds me of Sylvania Family, the simplicity of the layout coupled with uber cute utensils and wooden furniture.

Their full range stands at 15, most of which were sold out by the time I reached.

"Come back at 2pm", Kenneth earnestly mused.

Get what I mean by functional cute?

The lovely purple that cheered the table up considerably.

Cheese Souffle ($5.50)

Looks like cheese with the holes, this was less stellar than Antoinette. Found this too light in terms of taste, cheese was barely there.

Antoinette ($8)

White chocolate, Mango, Sponge

Pint-sized this is, so delicately created. Spongey feathery light white chocolate mousse with an equally floatable sponge.

I was already sold with the two, and viola, the Very Important Ingredient made its grand entrance; mango.

Like an egg yolk, deep yellow and runny, so very complementary they all were! K Ki captured the right bouyancy on the palette. Never been a fan of mousse but K Ki made me one.

Strawberry Shortcake ($6)

Finding the strawberry shortcake has been quite an uphill task, none have seriously blown me away. Perhaps its me and the sponge used. I always compare the sponge to chiffon and somehow the fluffier ones end up soggy.

The shortcake was too dry, a weebit better than drenched sponge bases. The gf was clearly impressed by the uniformity of the strawberry slices, I licked the whipped cream clean.

I'm finding every reason to love Tanjong Pagar more, with Once Upon a Milkshake and K Ki hot on the heels of the "toy story" concept.

"Interaction" is what K Ki craves for, sincerely seeking comments at various junctures. I promised I'd be back...Nearly bewitched I am just by Antoinette, I can't wait to continue this love story with Mont Blanc and Cheese Tart!

Note their opening hours! Cakes are baked every other hour, so try your luck to see what you can get at the store!

Daily 11am - 9pm

Thursday Close at 7pm
Saturday Close at 4pm
Monday closed.

K Ki
7 Ann Siang Hill

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  1. K ki is awesome. Mont Blanc is awesome. Strawberry tart is even more awesome.

  2. You are fast to check K Ki out! Now I can't wait to get my hands on those cakes haha.

  3. @ ice: gosh...I hope those are available when I next visit! *drools*

    @ kaelyn: heh..a stone's throw away from the workplace. :P Finding every excuse to head there now. wish I could join yall...and it'll be "all of k ki" in one visit ;( enjoy yah!

  4. I was waiting for K Ki's strawberry shortcake during my visit but luck wasn't on my side.

    The description seems to be fit Canele's strawberry shortcake and if you fancy light fluffy ones, try the Scoop Cake from Tampopo. No butter taste, the cream is so light and refreshing...

    So far, The Patissier's strawberry shortcake leaves quite a deep impression as it has a nice cookie base which others don't have.

    Mezza9's strawberry shortcake seems to fare better in Yuan's opinion while I am more inclined towards BakerZin's strawberry shortcake. We jus cannot come up with a common conclusion.

  5. @ Fen: Tampopo! I never have the luck when it comes to their sponge cakes, have only attempted the cheese chiffon. Thk their sponge cakes are one of my faves.

    Recently had Patissier's strawberry shortcake again, felt it was soggy. Think it's quite hard to have a shortcake that doesnt have cream soaking through the layers?

    Haven't tried mezza9's yet, their signature black forest didn't quite work for me..

  6. Tired Mezza9 twice, did wow me on my first but so-so on the second. On the contuary, Yuan finds it good in both rounds. I think the texture is dense, not as springy as Tampopo's Scoop Cake.

    The blackforest from Mezza9 seems to be for diabetics. The cream is too bland...

  7. Hey fen & phoebe, K ki uses génoise sponge for their strawberry shortcake (like Canele). Génoise sponge tends to be drier than regular sponge which Glace, Four Leaves, Bakerzin & Rive Gauche use for their shortcake. Regular sponge cakes (no fats, butter/oil used) are more airy & light than génoise. Génoise also tends to "harden" when chilled coz butter is used. I think French pâtisseries tend to use génoise in their cakes more than Japanese bakeries, like in the case of Tampopo Deli.

    The Patissier I believe uses chiffon sponge which is also moister & springier than génoise, like regular sponge.

    Haven't tried Mezza9's but looking at your picture fen, it seems that chiffon is used too.

  8. @ Fen : Was laughing out loud when I read mezza9's blackforest is for diabetics. For me, it's plain baffling that it's even in Top 50 cakes.

    @ Ice: In awe after reading your comment! You're really one gourmet chefs shun. Ahh, I should finally give up trying to find a shortcake made with chiffon instead of génoise. Thanks for the info!

  9. phoebe: No problem. (: I'm not a cake expert, fen is the Queen of Cakes. Go with her recommendation & try Tampopo Deli's scoop cake. It's really one of the moistest chiffon cake I've tried. Lots of whipped cream but it's very light. I like it alot.

  10. always have no luck with the scoop cakes... :( Shall make a conscious effort to try that soon!

  11. The Kinabara next time please if you like Mango. I am so glad that there is such a quaint little delicious shop here.

  12. hi there! ive gotta find a khaki who'd eat the chocolate bit of kinabaru first! haha...yeap, it's great having such concepts around...a breath of fresh air.