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Twentysevenbyrachel's cookies

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I have a sweet tooth and I'm not ashamed to admit so, and coupled with a favourite bet I have been ordering regularly.

Consistency is key at Twentysevenbyrachel's, and it still amazes me how every order is just so good. Blimey.

Lychee Chiffon, Yuzu Macarons, Salted Egg kisses and Hae Bee Hiam cookies which I clearly forgot to blog about.

Slowly but surely I'll check everything off her menu but cookies are my biggest weakness to date and it is a losing battle fighting calories particularly for her cookies.


Rose, Lychee, Raspberry Sables 

These on description reminded me of Crabtree and Evelyn's Lychee Rose cookies and bore slight semblance to the famed ispahan. Rose and lychee hints with crumbly sugar crusted cookie studded with raspberries. The pink hue made this girlish and sucha dainty treat for tea. I really need proper chinabone ware to complete the picture. .


All of 280 grams was so easy to polish off, in a single seating no less.


Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Melting Moments


Onto the dark side I headed with these meticulously piped rosettes. If not for the fact these are melting moments like their names suggest, their shapes would hold up alot better than they already do. Barely sweet, infact intense chocolate with fleeting moments of savoury and then the melting moment is gone.


Chocolate Crack


These are like famous amos' double chocolate cookies but better. Sweeter than the dark chocolate and sea salt melting moments, I foresee this a hit with the kids especially!

I'm highly likely not to look at cookies the same way again, nor be tempted by the store bought ones (save for limited editions which remain sucha soft spot). Till then, I am looking forward to the next order...!

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