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Lychee Chiffon @ Twentysevenbyrachel

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This is one of those rare times I actually support a home baker and I already sound like a stalker at the start of this post. I've been following Rachel on her personal blog for as long as I can remember, it could have been her seemingly exciting life as an expat's wife and PHD student in London or those picture perfect bakes that she posted online that sparked off me bookmarking her blog page.

Twentysevenbyrachel was started in 2010 in Flat 27 when she was still in London, only appearing at bakesales and flashsales which I never quite had the luck with. Sigh, my luck with food has been pretty down of late! (Which deserves a separate entry of its own)

So after failing to nail a single slice - not even whole cake, for months - Yes, I am super hardcore like this, she finally decided to take orders!


This, is my first lychee chiffon from Twentysevenbyrachel. It feels like finally being able to meet a long lost friend.


Pretty in pink.


And that crumb layer that gets everyone so excited, incredibly fragrant - Rachel carefully sealed the box to ensure the fragrance that hits you the moment the box is opened is unforgettable. Spongey yet airy, I wonder what it takes for such a master piece of a chiffon cake to be baked. I enjoyed it right to the last crumb.

Lychee, I realised then is actually in my palette of favourite flavours. There is something so charming about this tropical fruit that has made its way into a number of my favourite list of desserts - ispahan, lychee martini cake and now lychee chiffon.


I could stare all day at this really - oh wait, not really. It would be consumed too soon. 


Thoughful instructions on the inner side of the box.


Without a doubt, a huge fan already. A pity her waitlist is getting longer...!

Her bakelist currently comprises of lychee chiffon, dark chocolate and sea salt melting moments. I hope her repertoire expands but until then, be sure I will be bookmarking her for more orders!

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