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Macarons @ Twentysevenbyrachel

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My macaron obsession started here and since then, these pretty little sugary treats have been a bane. Since they are such delicate confectionaries loaded with that much sugar, I live with the mantra - if I have to consume it, the calories better be well worth it.

Twentysevenbyrachel launched a set of Yuzu macarons and you bet I was so thrilled to nab a slot on her bake list!


Look at these gorgeous babies, those pretty feet and plumped with chocolate yuzu and ginger yuzu fillings.


With just 3 of each flavour, I was savouring these to the very last crumb.

The shells were crisp and very tender, a first time experiencing this I must say. Usually the macarons I've eaten are too soft, too hollow or dense. I love my macarons with a bit of bite and chewyness so this was completely different.

That said, the taste profile of the flavours were amazing. Very mild yet so complementary, tangy without being too tart, sharp and spicy without being overbearing. The balance was strikingly ingenious. I was sold and regretted sharing the love even. Both flavours are equally delectable.

Lychee chiffon, hae bee hiam cookies and now macarons, I found my favourite local baker already!

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