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Mid Autumn 2018: Blue Lotus' FIRST Mooncake Collection

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This is going to be a different kind of entry, I received mooncakes from Blue Lotus and was so impressed I bought my own. So there, I wish I had more space to get all the flavours but that does leave me with more chance next year to try all!
This year, Blue Lotus finally nailed their mooncake recipes and have launched their first ever Mooncake series. Truth be told I was bummed last year when they said they were sitting out of this most profitable season in the food beverage season. 


Premium Egg Yolk Blend with White Lotus Paste Mooncakes ($68, 4 pieces)
The white lotus paste was so smooth and buttery, at some point I wonder if I was eating butter. DSC_4993 That velvety smooth, I kid you not. While I have my issues with egg yolk blend preferring whole egg yolks instead, I am not complaining when every bite gets me salted egg yolk too. Irritation is choosing a wedge and not having enough salted egg yolk because of its alignment. 

That said, best baked mooncake I had since Hyatt's

Mini Golden Lava Mooncake ($78, 8 pcs)

And lava mooncakes, perhaps an instagram favourite too because watching it ooze was such therapy. Half tempted was I to abandon shooting it even and just savour it. 

I have eaten enough salted egg custard mooncakes to be sold by this in a single bite. The stiff ones, unmelty ones and there we have it - it's smooth, flowy and lava porn in its finest.

Snowskin Mao Shan Wan Durian Mooncake ($78, 8 pcs)

Chewy mocha skin with durian paste in it. It is decent for a durian mooncake except they do better durian desserts at their restaurants.

Missing here is their Yuzu Citrus with White Chocolate Truffle mooncake.

All these come in a tingkat packaging too! Comes in both white and robin blue versions. 

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