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Two Chefs Eating Place Revisited @ Commonwealth

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Since our eventful first visit to Two Chefs, we actually have not been back for awhile and thank goodness for phone reservations, we managed to score a table with some waiting time. The queues never seem to end with every visit and I suppose Singaporeans are most willing to travel and wait for good food.


Almost serving the supper crowd with shutters closing at almost midnight.


The queues persisted without signs of stopping throughout dinner.


Herbal Chicken Soup

A simple chicken in foil was actually harbouring enough soup to feed six of us fully and that tender chicken so easily teased apart.


 3 Egg Spinach ($14)

Threesomes are hardly fun but for this 3 egg spinach, I thought i was well done and downright delicious!


Cereal Prawn ($20)

Unabashedly, laziness always gets the better of me when it comes to polishing off this dish. I eat my prawns whole - shell, innards, all. Does help that the cereal mixture is particularly tasty.

Chilli Lala ($12)

Another ultimate favourite zi char dish except the chilli blend was on the sweet side.


Milk Powder Ribs ($14)

I never quite got this dish despite my numerous attempts to be acquainted with it - there is something about the tender pork ribs that fails with overly sweet milk powder topping.


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


Mushrooms and Tofu ($10)

A soupy one filled with heaps of mushrooms and silken smooth fried tofu ingots.


Fried Rice ($8)

Generous portion for just $8, this had the childhood favourites of char siew and chives. Simple delights.

Two Chefs does offer very affordable zichar dishes and good portions too except I prefer its other non-signature dishes better.

Two Chefs
116 Commonwealth Crescent #01-129

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  1. I love the Egg Spinach too! The Milk Powder Ribs was unique but people with sweet tooth love it because of the milk powder. hehe