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Strong Flour @ Katong V

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The ladies behind my favourite cafe has opened a new joint at Katong V - almost dominating the scene with Group Therapy, Scoop Therapy and now Strong Flour all within walking distance from each other. Talk about some serious ambition here.


Snug right at the back of Katong V, area is spacious and there's lots of natural light brightening up the place a whole lot. 


Handmade fresh daily with just strong flour, water, eggs and salt, these promise no chemicals nor preservatives.


Fancy anything italian? You name it, they probably have it.


These matte gold cutlery is love, so sleek! #tablewaregoals


Calamari ($12)

Crumb crusted tender squid rings which came with an equally delicious dip.


Carbonara ($16)
Pappardelle, pancetta, egg yolks, spinach


Their carbonara is truly classic without any use of cream, just egg yolks, cheese and seasoning with their handmade pasta noodles. One bite and I was already sold. That's the magic with handmade fresh pasta, the imperfections are what makes it perfect. The kind of density in noodles cannot be achieved if they are machine made and how this is just an understated kind of yum.

Many a time, I shun away from ordering carbonara because of the heaviness it can cause post meal. This, however is light, tasty and absolutely satisfying.


Pizza Magherita ($16)
Tomato sauce, basil, fresh mozzarella

Pizza crust always gets scrutinized first before the flavours and this thin crust is a winner with the right thickness and the melodious crackle when I bit into it.

When in doubt, just head for Magherita, the almost impossible to fail flavour. 


Balasmic Honey Pork ($26)
Glazed Pork Collar, Creamy Polenta, Roasted Vegetables


Looking almost like steak, this tender pork collar was the dish that stole the show. I loved everything on the plate, including polenta mash (since Jamie Italian's polenta mash, I haven't considered myself a fan).


Seafood Stew ($24)
Prawns, Scallops, Squid, Barramuni, Homemade Garlic Bread

Portions here are small, so this is tasting portion which is a size down from their regular portions. Robust broth akin to the seafood elixir with hours of simmering to extract the essence and topped with enough seafood to qualify as a hearty stew on its own. Loved the homemade garlic bread (I am such a sucker for homemade breads and if it weren't for the fact that table was brimming with food and my tummy protesting I'd have gladly walloped both pieces without shame.)

Classics attempted this visit and I am won over by the concept. I've already planned seconds and hopefully I get to check off more dishes and desserts off their menu (if I do not get tempted by the classics...sigh, creature of habit!).

Strong Flour
Katong V

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