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Group Therapy Cafe @ Katong V

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I finally paid them a visit after the Joo Chiat fiasco that robbed me of a brunch place in the East. Hooray that they are comfortably settled at Katong V, which replaces Paramount Shopping Center.

Located at the end of the first floor, they are the only café on the floor which is a plus point. I would have loved to get them catering for my wedding but they could not due to logistics issues.

Iced Americano that was not their best effort, unfortunately.

Big Plate ($18)
Poached Eggs, Gluten-free Bread, Bacon, Mushrooms, Bratwurst sausage, Side Salad

Also known as the Big Breakfast with a bit of everything – only those with an appetite need bother with this.

Beef Cheese Burger with Sunny Side Up ($19)
Beef Patty, Cheddar, Lettuce, Salsa, Mustard, Fried Egg, Salad, Fries

I miss the juicy burger from Relational Goods and was thrilled to find that they have it on the menu.

Still as juicy and rustic as before, the fries are also worth a mention.

Hunter’s Chicken ($16)
Boneless Chicken Thigh, Tomatoes, Onions, Celery, White Wine, Salad, Rice

It arrived looking like a meat doused in salsa – the tangy tomato sauce accompanied the chicken quite well. I thought the chicken was well done, crispy and tender.

Best of all, the herbed rice was immensely fragrant.

Carrot Cake ($5.50)

They ran out of stock for their 4 layer giant and was only left with a much shorter version – still the moisture yummy one they have.

Weilin was all smiles and warm, I miss the Group Therapy hospitality so much!

Cookie anyone?

Nostalgic touches.

It is awesome that the girls are spreading the GT spirit over various parts of town though I wish they kept it to just one place. This second outlet seems less of a character than the first, and in fact looking somewhat like Wild Honey. Food is consistent but the coffee seems to have taken a nosedive here. I wish them all the luck in running two businesses and keeping sane! Until the next visit, cheerios!

9am-9pm daily. 

Group Therapy Cafe
Katong V

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