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Scoop Therapy @ East Coast Road

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Regoup has been rebranded as Scoop Therapy, swinging their doors open at East Coast Road - a stone's throwaway from Group Therapy Cafe at Siglap V. Smart move, especially in such sweltering temperatures and with the closure of Icecream Chefs at Ocean Apartments, I welcome this new addition in the 'hood!


On top of their already mind boggling 40 icecream flavours, Scoop therapy offers more than just icecreams - think donuts, cookies, milkshakes and a series of plated desserts.



Not for the fickle minded.


Icecream ($7.50)
Charcoal cone

Move over charcoal waffles, charcoal cones are the in things now. I loved the crunch of the cone, dense and packs a bite - sorry, wafer waffle cones simply do not work for me.

For the sake of colours, I caved into two fruity flavours for contrast.

Raspberry Sorbet

Tart and refreshing, this melts too quickly though as compared to the other icecream flavours. 

Lychee Rose

Reminding me of ispahan, this sweet rose number had a light floral fragrance to it and my favourite lychees too!


Icecream Cup ($7)

Black Sesame

Think of black sesame dessert gao - creamy and a tad sweet but this is as good as it gets having this popular asian dessert eaten chilled. 

Salted Caramel

Laced with a delicate balance of sweet and savoury, this was tough fight with black sesame for sweet though. Better with a cone than in a cup if too sweet is an issue - but hey, who minds the sugar level when you are really eating dessert!

Other notable creative flavours include salted egg yolk, red velvet and donut! 


Something's smokin'.



S'more ($6.50)


Dark chocolate icecream coated in cracker crumbs, dunked in homemade marshmellow and torched to a gooey perfection. Until I make my way to Japan for Ansel Dominque's famous frozen s'more, this s'more would suffice. Texturally very interesting - soft marshmellowy exterior reveals and frozen chocolate icecream and gritty crack crumbs. I am one who loves her food torched, and for dessert - this has to be the first.



Other desserts include Icecream Bomb (Earl Grey vanilla icecream in a choux bun, drizzled with hot fudge and honeycomb chunks) and also an Icecream Sandwich.


Donut ($2)
 Peanut Butter


Plumped with homemade peanut butter, this doughy and chewy donut delights on the grounds of petite and finger licking quite delicious.


I look forward to more creations -  I hope Weilin does put to life some suggestions of mine. Psst, for a about rainbow icecream?

Scoop Therapy
11 East Coast Road

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