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Halloween Horror Nights 2015 @ Universal Studios Singapore

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~Invited Session~

The annual scarefest is back, with a greater horrors promised and an experience to remember for a long time. I made sure we scored Express Pass tickets ($80) too (prices have definitely taken a hike since they started out at just $50!), the saving grace of this entire experience if you ask me. These were fully paid for on our own, only our admission tickets were sponsored.


Lo and behold the frightful queues that had already formed way before the gates swung open at 730pm, all for the Scaremony that I missed completely. A word of advice for Saturday Halloween Horror Night goers, please dine elsewhere because Malaysian Food Street had horrendous crowds and most stalls sparked a minimum 30 minute wait time or a situation of selling out.


If crowding inside Universal Studios does not appeal, there are activities outside that will entertain. Face painting seems to be a popular choice enjoyed by both the young and old.


These neon hair bands are next most popular and these are the very same things that cause the most irritation in a queue. I have endured hourly long queues with these things blinking in my face continuously and I was this close to blinding myself.


I happily headed to the drink carts. Each year I try a different one and by next year I should be done trying all of their novelty drinks!


A Lime Syringe this year! It tasted better than blueberry with hints of sourness.


The welcoming act that I used to be able to snap photos with quite freely but with the throngs of people, I only managed to at the end our the event.

This year's theme was the aftermath of the Blood Moon unleashed across 4 haunted houses and 3 scare zones. Let me caution you first that the express pass is not applicable at scare zones and selected rides, it is only good for evading the queue to some extent.

Let the gore begin! 


SG Blk 50

The HHN-5 virus is turning residents of a HDB block into rampaging, flesh-eating zombies! Emergency Services has been brought in to contain the situation, but it may all be in vain!

The first of our series of haunted houses, the waiting time was already an astounding 150 minutes when we joined the queue - hooray for express passes! The props were stunning, scare actors on form with children included, was terribly interactive and yes, I was scared though I did not show it! 


Invaders prowling the street.



Standing up for independence?

Tunnel People

According to the prophecy, an apocalyptic clan called the Tunnel People thrives underground and they look forward to the next Blood Moon. They highly disapprove the presence of trespassers. If you get caught, you will suffer from excruciating consequences.

Personally this was the least of my favourites, especially after the high of Siloso Block 50. Even half way through it, I was waiting for my skin to crinkle and hair to stand. And finally coming face to face with a room full of mice hanging from the ceiling only made me frown in disappointment, this had ended without me even knowing it started.

Sorry, I was barely scared.


Now now, this finally looked like something scary! For the pantang, be glad that Seventh Month is over if not, the scare factor would be upped by several notches!





Hell House

The Blood Moon has awakened the Paper Servants of the Effigy House and you will soon be feeling the heat, because everything here is made to be burnt! 

This tops my list of favourite haunted house this season, even the heat was real and the replicas of real life situations made Hell House come to live. I swear it felt like hell with the burning temperatures. 

Queues for this were creeping up to 3 hours, my heart really went out to those who weathered the long queues and heat!


True Singapore Ghost Stories: The MRT

An underground train station built at a Malay burial site is torn asunder as a curse is fulfilled by the rise of the Blood Moon. Toyols, hantu rayas and pontianaks now stalk for victims, as the tracks lead you back in time, to the author of the curse and his murderous henchmen.

Another well done production with play on textures and smells, keep a look out for the end because I was surprised to go down to the tracks and mud just for this! 



A secret colony code-named Sector #5 was set up by the government to quarantine the deformed and the diseased. Left to fend for themselves, they have developed a bloodlust for their oppressors, which the Blood Moon is stoking to a fever pitch.

Well I wish I had time for the scare zones but 45 minutes in line was too much to bear when the express pass gets us the privilege of not even queuing!


Every single year I remind myself to eat a full meal before visiting Halloween Horror Nights and it must be a horror-night brain that always forgets and I end up prowling the attraction for a reasonably priced nibble.


I finally caved into a ridiculously priced Turkey Leg for 12 buckeroos, I shunned away from trying this exorbitant foul leg in my visits because it was well, pricey yet thankfully the prices have remained constant through the years.

It could be hunger that made this leg extra delicious despite the copious amount of marination that was done.


For those who prefer a more leisurely sit down option, there's Beast Club and fastfood options.


Serving the halloween spread, I wish there were Halloween-themed food to complete the experience, I for one would fall prey!


Before leaving, do remember to drop by their souvenir shops for a dose of halloween memorabilia.


Thank you for the Horror Universal Studios Singapore, the crowds were maddening, express pass godsent and it made us ponder if purchasing the RIP pass with backstage tour would make more sense because of the insane crowds! Seems that kids these days can afford both the ticket and pass making queueing even longer than necessary - plus, having so many people allowed into the attraction means overcrowding and spoiling the shocks for those later in the queue - yes that reads us. So many times I have had squeamish teens shrieking their heads off and yeah, halved the fear for me.

The best is yet to me I suppose!

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Halloween Horror Nights 2015 runs till 31 October, tickets are available online at or on site! 

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