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Halloween Horror Nights 4 @ Universal Studios

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This is the third Halloween that I have spent with Universal Studios and the historical bits can be read here:

Halloween Horror Nights 3 
Halloween Horror Nights 2

I suppose going through more than one of such event makes me smarter every subsequent attempt. We decided to get the fast pass (From $50) to ensure we made it through all 4 haunted houses and still have time to preen and pose and also the rides.


The ritual is to don a halloween band, blinking horns or in my case, a dimwit of a clip on hat to try to look ready to the night. We also indulged in jello syringes ($6) this year, a delicious blueberry flavoured jelly that was easier to stomach than any of the blood packs or mugs of sugary drinks.


Prices have remained constant throughout the last 2 Halloweens too. 


Jack's 3 Dementia 
A funhouse gone ghoulishly wrong, this den of deadly deceptions is crawling with demonic clowns, who would like nothing better than to practise their sick gags on you. But can you spot them before they spot you, beset as you are at every turn by distorting, disorientating illusions?

We were handed 3D glasses for the full effects of this mind boggling funhouse. Impressive display and truly, I was horrified by the popping clowns. The best concept was in the swirly room that started turning upside down. 


Jing's Revenge
Hua Xing Secondary School has never been the same since one of its students, a bully victim called Jing, hung herself ten years ago. Step foot on its premises and you will sense something is not right. The horrors of the past are about to be reenacted, with you as a witness – or participant!


I loved this most! At least it was scarier than the rest for me and maybe I have a penchant for the whole chinatown-school set up for halloween houses that made this tick. 


Mati Camp 
The Minister of Evil has put the Sergeant Major in charge, and he takes the torturing of recruits very seriously indeed. Do you have the stomach for his training methods, which include cannibalism and mutilation? Take a tour of his camp for atrocities you will wish you can unsee.

This looks like every recruit's experience on replay in camp and the Hubba thought this was child's play. 


Scary Tales is home to The L.A.B. (Laboratory of Alien Breeding), located deep within the earth’s recesses, this is the secret site of alien experiment on the homo sapien! Within the haunted house are human-alien hybrids that are the grotesque results of these grisly experiments and also their gruesome creators, the Alien Reptilians.


I somehow did not enjoy this as much though the props were amazing. Rapuzel without her hair and Hansel and Gretal looking outlandish.


I applaud the effort put into getting scare actors who aced their way into horror.


One of the theatrical le noir performances held.

A great pity we missed out on Jack's Nightmare Circus which promised the serial killer clown and his show with his captives since timings were a little off at 830pm, 1015pm and finally 12 midnight.

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