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Singapore Sling celebrates 100 Years!

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There was a period of time I was into checking out the national drinks of various countries and bar hopping was my idea of ladies night - Singapore Sling then ranked one of my favourite drinks, next to the Brazilian Caiprinha. Our national pride has been making its rounds all over the world - it is as famous as Yang Chow Fried Rice is at an Asian Restaurant in a Non-Asian Country.


A night well spent would include a Singapore Sling and emptying out their ground nut shells and sweeping them all on the floor!


This June, Raffles Singapore is paying tribute to one of the world’s most iconic cocktails as the Singapore Sling marks its Centennial Anniversary this year. The Singapore Sling, was first created in 1915 at the Long Bar in Raffles Singapore by bartender Ngiam Tong  Boon and the recipe has not changed ever since.


Up to the famous bar!


Bar activity. 

To celebrate this milestone anniversary, a myriad of activities has been planned throughout 2015. From commemorative merchandise to desserts inspired by the Singapore Sling, there are many opportunities to participate in the celebrations.

Participate in the Singapore Sling Masterclass (S$88++ per person with a minimum of 10 persons) where the bartenders at the hotel’s Long Bar will disclose the tricks to make the perfect cocktail.

For cocktail lovers with a sweet tooth, the SlingaPore inspired by the Singapore Sling, the cake is an irresistible pastel pink and is both zesty and honeyed at the same time. Made with a lime sponge paired with pineapple mousse, Singapore Sling marmalade and cherry jelly, it will be sold as individual servings or a whole cake in Ah Teng’s Bakery. Diners at Raffles Grill can also enjoy it as a  dessert course of the classic 1950s’ Elizabethan Grill Tribute Tasting Menu (S$250++).


Spot the newly designed cocktail glass just for this celebration - here's drinking to another 100 delicious years.



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  1. I call bullshit: "First created in 1915... and the recipe has not changed ever since." Read cocktail historian's David Wondrich's research on newspaper articles at that time. Just because a hotel publicizes it and charges $30 for the privilege, does not make it true.

    1. Hi James, thank you for reading. Well the thing is, no other bar has laid claim to this despite the fact that the recipe was probably concocted way before that..with earliest mentions in 1897. I'm sure tweaks to the recipe have been made since Long Bar has outrightly admitted using copious amounts of pineapple juice in it instead of the original recipe ingredients.