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Clifford @ Fullerton Bay Hotel

fullerton bay xmas

A sparkly start to Christmas outside Fullerton Bay Hotel.

Fullerton Bay Hotel intrigues me, the same way I was in awe when I walked down the long corridors. The grandeur of the place, intricacy of design...walking to Clifford was a chilly experience. I always question why do the temperatures have to be set so distractingly bone chilling? Would it not be nice to take a stroll in the hotel than the quicken my footsteps to get to my destination.

Fullerton Bay is more laidback as compared to its direct relation across the road.


Found Clifford, alas!


A rather limited menu.

high ceilings

The 10 metre tall ceilings that makes this extra opulent. I have a thing or two about high ceilings that upps the luxe factor of any dining experience. Clifford was three quarts filled for the night with dates, girlie gatherings and family outings happening all at once. Cosy is its ambience with our tables comfortably spaced out.


Breadbasket of multi grain and baguette served hot off the oven. Liked that they took note of the diners and proportioned accordingly, a pity no refills were offered.

french butter

Beurre d'Isigny French butter that I will remember for a darn long time. The 82% of butterfat made this extra smooth and rich to taste. Every bread's best friend.

bread basket

Clifford has mastered the art to good bread, was memorable for me. Chewy and dense bread...oh-soooo-fulfilling! The baguette reminded me of Paris.

duck confit

3 hr homemade duck confit ($38)

I felt French that day and hence the duck confit. Portions looked puny but was more than filling. The best duck confit so far. Think succulent well marinated meat with the crispiest of skins, next to roast goose skin and pork knuckle cackling, this is perhaps the only other skin I'd crunch down so readily. A far cry from Bistro Du Vin's or White Rabbit's , Clifford's had a lot more firmness and flavour despite being easily teased apart.


The bowl of tangy salad that came with my duck confit.

truffle mash

Truffle mashed potatoes or pommes sarladaise (potatoes cooked in duck fat) and the heart squeaked "truffle mashed potatoes". The copper pot made this extra novel. I'm going to indulge Clifford once again and declare this, top of the pops.

Truffle fries or mash is an absolute weakness on my part and time and again, the kitchen screws it up with a dash too much of truffle oil and the nose gets blocked with the overwhelming fragrance. (If too much of a good thing is bad, that is always the case with truffle oil)

Not to creamy, not too rich, most of all...not overly generous with the truffle oil...Clifford's mashed potatoes have both the mash and grated potatoes within. I lathered most of it on the equally delish bread...simple delights.

truffle fries

Truffle fries ($9)

The portion is small, smaller than Mcdonalds' small fries for a comparison. Belittle them not, if fries all tasted this way...I would be having them every day. Methinks they are double cooked, which explains the crisp that gets retains till the very last fry. The mild truffle fragrance makes truffle anything my favourite choice for sides now.


Roasted Cod Fish, Saffron-Chirozo Risotto, Parmesan emulsion ($36)

Fresh, fresh...fresh thick slab of cod fish with a whole lot more flavours going on with the risotto and emulsion. I don't exactly know what risotto is supposed to taste like but Clifford's has defined grains without the usual starchy texture. Delish one here!

young chicken

Baby chicken variation, leg fricassee, roasted endives, parmesan shaved black truffles ($32)

The most generous portion of the lot with two types of chicken done up. Liked neither versions, felt they were too ordinary and lacked seasoning infact. The roasted endives were great though, tasted like leek gratin. Only after keying in the name of this that I realised there were black truffles!

petit fours

Petit fours that were promptly served up after we decided against dessert. Moist kueh lapis, orange homemade mashmellows and Van Houten-equivalent chocolate nuts. Of the three, my vote goes to the melt in your mouth marshmellows that smelled like cotton candy!

Dinner was exceptional in most aspects for me, a view so picturesque, memorable dishes...the greatest company of all time and attentive service. Clifford is worth a try, at least!

Fullerton Bay Hotel

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  1. Contrary to your review, I was actually very disappointed with my visit to Clifford!

    I had the duck confit too - and I was rather appalled by the presentation (or rather, lack of) of the dish. The skin was not crispy and the meat was rather dry. I do, however, agree that the portions were rather puny!

    The risotto was rather plain tasting, no?

    That said, I do agree completely with you that the setting in the restaurant is fantastic - from the somewhat grandoise decor adding to the effect from the high ceiling.

    Service too, was really patchy and it was one of those few occasions I actually bothered to put in negative feedback to the restaurant manager.

  2. I love love love the Beurre d'Isigny French butter! Clifford's indeed good, one of my favorite restaurants. Love the cod with risotto loads.

  3. @ glenn: Hmm...possibly due to the overhype? I read through the reviews and managed my expectations so perhaps that played a part.

    Have to agree on the lacklustre presentation. I figure it could be a case of inconsistency of the kitchen, or simply a difference in taste. :)

    Never have been a fan of risotto somehow, it was def not the worst I've eaten...found it on the sweet side, oddly.

    Oh really?? Service was not that bad for us...though they knew it was a birthday celebration nobody actually cared two hoots about it.

    @ice: i second the butter bit! i'd return for the truffle fries and mash...and duck confit. :P