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White Rabbit @ Dempsey

white rabbit

Alice in Wonderland and she meets White Rabbit who confuses her with directions. I grew up with one of the most historically acclaimed bedtime stories. To be honest, more often than not the name of the place plays a part in the experience.

white rabbit!

I say this visit to White Rabbit took quite awhile to materialise for various reasons. I decided to go to wonderland after all the tempting and I was looking forward because decor of the place (mainly). Strange but for the first time ever, I actually looked forward to the ambience and decor rather than the food, partly heresay was mixed.


Within the same compound there is Rabbit Hole for those who fervently need a drink or two before dinner proper. Then comes White Rabbit housed in a Chapel complete with stained glass, long supper tables and the dimmest of lights. (For this reason, Brunch beckons...) I'll have to add the bone chilling temperature and proximity of tables are the two flaws.

Designed with a bible-like front cover, the menu unveils a somewhat dreamy wonderland.

onion loaves <3

Onion loaf and ciabatta were making their rounds. Warm and fresh off the oven they were. Insanely fragrant and soft onion loaf...this could rival Gordon's Grill. So good I ate it neat, buttered and with cheese from Mac and Cheese. Officially, I want to return to White Rabbit for the onion loaf. Ciabatta was less outstanding.

mac and cheese

To start off, a side of Mac and Cheese ($9). With a generous portion at 9 bucks, I consider it great value. Of the handful of macaroni and cheese places, White Rabbit triumphs over them all with the right balance of cheeses and macaroni without the former being too cloying. Even right to the last scoop, nary a sense of "too much".

  1. White Rabbit
  2. Bedrock : Not as rich as mortons with tube pasta
  3. Mortons The Steakhouse : Watch out for it being overcloying after stuffing yourself with their huge onion loaf and steak. Has since been discontinued. :(
  4. Overeasy : Yummy crusty bits on top.
  5. Seah Street Deli : More like cheese soup.
  6. Cafe Epicurious : Too much cream.

I had the daily special of Pan Fried Seabass with Black Olive Crust ($29). Not quite a fish person but this was impressive enough for me to finish it all, skin included. My mom would be thrilled to know that.  Beneath the crispy skin lies a chunk of chewy and juicy fish meat. So fresh, it honestly did not require any seasoning. Bathed in natural juices, the fish was delightful. To top this beautiful dish off was buttery mash with tapenade, french beans and sauce vierge.

crispy duck confit

Crispy Duck Leg Confit ($29) was met with a barely there explanation by the manager on what it was about, simply put "French dish". This is one controversial dish with mixed reviews. I'll describe it as a Duck version of Singapore's Pork Knuckle - Salty, over-marinated and a tad tough. With the fish dish high up there, the duck confit paled.

I was belly happy and belly satisfied with my food choice, wish I left some space for dessert.

Service was attentive and prompt, plates get removed without much hesitation and the dessert menu gets flipped to the right page for your consideration; all in a whirl. Too much of a chopchopquicklygo haste though.

White Rabbit is no St Andrew's Cathedral kind of awe-inspiring but the ambience has alot to talk about. I relished unwinding there after a draggy week at work. Despite the quick dinner we had, it was all good. Dempsey is charming for all these characteristic eating establishments. White Rabbit for those seeking a getaway, House for those seeking rustic country style dining...R possibly will hate me for declaring Dempsey favourite ground.

Probably one of the more surprising places I've been to in awhile. I belong to the camp that adores this place. :)

White Rabbit

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  1. yeap, the duck confit here is terribly disappointing. 5mins walk from my work place haha!

  2. I agree that the place looks gorgeous too! :)

  3. @ harris: soooo lucky! heh, dempsey's my fave hangout.

    @ charlene: yeahhhhh, lovely ambience!! I can't wait to return for brunch..such a dreamy place.