Monday, March 22, 2010

Morton's Steakhouse @ Mandarin Oriental

Mypaper did a short writeup on Morton's $95 set dinner and I decided I had to a heartbeat! Morton's is one of those places I'd go without thinking, especially more so if a good deal comes along.

There was no special occasion to speak of but R was sweet enough to agree to Morton's, without hesitation. ;)

Logically speaking, who can possibly pass a good deal up? Effectively a 3 course meal that would otherwise cost more than $150, thinking about it made me jittery happy. Even more so what some establishments have already started upping their prices in view of the "booming" economy.

Patsy, their marketing manager was the sweetest over the phone. She probably received enough calls regarding the promotion and regurgitated till she could memorize the script backwards but she was still nice enough to explain and make suggestions. They were full for Saturday dinner but offered 530 or after 9pm. Strangely enough, Morton's did make it different....even over a phonecall. She bothered to call back to reconfirm my change in reservation and offered to send an email confirmation as well.

No pretense, no falsities, just warm service. Impressive, for a start...without even stepping into the restaurant.

The warm lighting, jazzy numbers played over the stereo ups the romanticism in Morton's by a few notches...the 6pm reservation we had seemed like 7 or even 8pm inside the restaurant. A warm welcome by the staff, we were shown to our table..and it stopped there. Nobody bothered with the drinks nor the menu nor the "Morton's display" of huge chunky meats and live lobster.

When the menu was finally picked, I still missed the regurgitation of the day's special and the wringling live lobster! Not that I'm super anal about it but it's like going to Lawry's without the famous spinning bowl salad, no matter how routine it is.

The first attempt bringing D5000 out, pictures weren't totally satisfactory. :(

Morton's Salad
Blue Cheese, Romaine Salad

Served chilled, lacked the pizzazz Lawry's Spinning Bowl Salad would have offered. Otherwise, a normal salad with blue cheese.

Egg and Onion Loaf, great for stuffing yourself silly even before the meal began! In the day and age where these complimentaries are petite, Morton shocks with a bun as big as my face. Texture is normal though, making me miss Gordon's Onion loaf more. Light onion fragrance permeates through the soft layers.

Macaroni and Cheese

Second time round, I realise what the gfs mean by Bedrock's version is better. This is drier despite the crispy top layer. Ended up more jelard than expected, it was left mostly unfinished.

Single Cut Filet with broiled sea scallops
8.5 ounce

"Temperatures that reach up to 1800 degrees. Numbers that sear. Warm and pink, charred and rare... juicy and flavor-rich to turn taste buds... and heads. It's called USDA prime-aged steak for a reason. Come taste for yourself... "

The website describes the signature.

Undoubtedly divine, without the pompous display of root vegetables or sauce drippling around the plate. Seared to medium, the pretty pink...meat so tender, flavourful and melt in your mouth. Lightly salted, all of 250 grams seemed too little for pleasure. Yes, it's Morton's and its signature steak...pleased as punch the stellar lived up to expectations. Bearnaise sauce and french mustard on hand for the extra punch!

The same could not be said of the broiled scallops wrapped in bacon paired with plum sauce. Felt the scallops were a tad overcooked, bacon was bland...despite them all, I have to admit how huge the scallops are. Knocks out the hokkaido relatives anyday.

American Cheesecake ($18)

It's the Morton's spell that makes you want to try something from all courses, and naturally...dessert was not to be missed. Be prepared for a 40 minute wait if you're eyeing the chocolate souffle, chocolate molten cake or apple crumble. American cheesecake over the key lime pie and whipped cream.

Supposedly flown in from US of A, this cheesecake did not have the usual biscuit base though. Slightly sweeter than usual, there was a likable fragrance about it. Decent cheesecake though I'm not a fan of the artificial sweetness.

Portions are huge, more than enough for two. Truth be told, the menu's of great value given the pricing of the items ala carte. Steak is outstanding, as expected. The current ranking of steak places for me stands at...
  1. Gordon's Grill
  2. Mortons
  3. Bedrock
  4. Lawry's
As much as I wish to crown it "the meal of 2010" with Gordon's nabbing 2009's...the shortfalls were too glaring.

It is most unfortunate their good service could not extend beyond the phonecall, pretentious "How's the meal" were dished out very regularly. Nearing the end of the meal, the bill was subtly placed on the table...nobody bothered to pass your card back. I had to show myself to the door as well. Almost felt like "Ok, I'm done with off you go!".

I will be back, as always for awesome steak, filet mignon sandwiches and their to-die-for martinis.

The $95++ Set Menu's on till 31 do go if you can!

Morton's The Steakhouse
Mandarin Oriental Singapore
Fourth Storey


  1. I am proud to have enjoyed Gordon's Grill with you ;)

  2. hey harris! :) i cant wait for the next most memorable meal!