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Bistro Du Vin @ Shawhouse

Paris still remains a city unvisited and much has been heard about the city of love. Bistro Du Vin promises a Parisian experience. Its location by a cobbled path nearly resembles that of Paris.

Quaint and cosy is my first impression.

Pictures speak volumes, black and whites far more.

Glasses of water filled with reused bottles.

Matching checkered towels

Complimentary baguette rolls dished out from a basket by a smiley waitress. I found them a tad dry though it could be the hunger that warranted three more.

Prawn Salad with Lemon Dressing ($12)

Deserving the meal's praise, citrus flavours well played..I've probably have not eaten the equivalent of a hearty chicken salad till this one!

Duck Confit served with French Fries and a small Salad ($32)

This was recommended over Kurobuta Pork Chop that I was equally keen over. If Duck Confit is the French equivalent of Pork Knuckle, this is indeed half a globe apart. Soggy skin with overly salty duck breast.

Char-grilled U.S. Ribeye Steak with Garlic Herb Butter served with French Fries and a small Salad ($42)

In the same meagre portion fashion, this was without a doubt far better than the Duck Confit. Tender beef with robust flavours and french fries that really had nothing else to shout about.

A dampener of that night's dinner came in a form of a verbal reminder that should you suffer from food poisoning after consumption of "outside food" within their premises made them in no way liable. Fair enough a disclaimer but the way we were subtly reminded was intrusive. I'd like to point out that the cake was from the kitchen of Canele just doors away, a thoughtful gesture of the girlfriends for the upcoming birthday. No birthday wishes from the kitchen nor the staff in general apart from the lady at the door...I'm not trying to attempt a Kitchen Tigress-OCBC episode here but I'm sure the rest of the restaurants under Les Amis would have done it differently.

Thoughtfulness is what Bistro Du Vin lacks, overpriced food with a barely there ambience.

Bistro Du Vin

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  1. hi there! wow. the whole birthday cake thing really does seem unlike les amis restaurants. I remember celebrating my birthday at La Strada and they even gave us a free cake! Looks like bistro du vin has some improvements to make!

  2. heyhey! yaaaaaah! coming from les amis especially..totally unexpected. :( Yep, La Strada does go the extra mile!