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Two Men Bagel House Revisited @ Icon Village

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Two years ago, I was won over by bagels.
Two years later, the same guys proved it was not by hat trick that their bagels are stunning.

Freshly made in house daily, the lunch crowds speak for themselves when we are talking about a full population of salad chugging and laksa slurping office crowd. And, the queues are always snaking, tables are full too.

Piglet ($8.50)
Montreal bacon served with deep fried potato patties,lemon garlic aioli, runny eggs and greens

The ultimate power breakfast combo with hash browns, eggs and bacon paired with my choice of garlic bagel. This all day brunch item would give the mcmuffin a huge run for their money - though one portion of this gets me 4 mcmuffins.

Dense bagel with a delicious bite, it is a no brainer how satisfying this all american breakfast combination is almost fool proof spot on.

HogV2 ($13.90)
Bbq pork ribs served with pickled purple and granny smith slaw and raw yellow onions   

Pulled pork and slaw on a caramelized onion bagel which was all sweet, sweet and sweet. A huge pity though if the bagel were saltier, that balance would have been perfect. Otherwise, loved the seasoning of the pulled pork and slaw.

The best of both worlds. 

Cute boys, on point bagels, I'd be back. 

Two Men Bagel House
Icon Village #01-12

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