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2 Man Bagel House @ Icon Village

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I have a love-hate relationship with bagels. They are usually too stiff for comfort or to thick to put in one bite. So far, those attempted locally have been store bought. Until Two Men came along to declare theirs hand rolled and made fresh.




Ham and Cheese ($7.90)

Ham and cheese had to be the first sandwich combination I ever knew and this has been an idiot proof choice in all my sandwich orders.This, did not disappoint as well, particularly with the gruyere cheese they used. I thought the bagel was well done too, not too stiff nor chewy, just the right bite with a tighter density than bread.


Savoury Salmon ($11.90)

I loved the colours for this one, the contrast of beetroot and the smoked salmon. Home cured or not, I am not sure but this worked wonders for me, the flavours that came together was simply - too good. Paired with a doughy bagel, I'm ready for more of their treats!

The popularity could be spiking with soup of the day and most bagel flavours out of stock by 1 pm, but I am glad I paid them a visit. 

Service is friendly, and for the first time, I had people waving at me from the kitchen to bid me goodbye. Too cute really! And then I realise, it is the same 2 men who started this shop.

Two Men Bagel House
16 Enggor Street
Icon Village #01-12

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