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Wolf Burgers Revisited @ Changi City Point

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Wolf Burgers haunted me so much I had to head for a return within the same week. If anything tastings should be taken with a pinch of salt and unless revisits are equally stellar, the place is for keeps.

Two weeks into their newest outlet, business was considerably brisk with families and diners just popping in every now and then.


Kimchi Cheese Fries ($8)

Mcdees also launched a kimchi fries with seasoning but this definitely trumps with more satisfaction. How can real kimchi be replaced with just seasoning anyway?

Sour cream, nacho cheese and kimchi never tasted so good till this and in my opinion, even better than cheese fries. I consider this a must try even if you've got limited stomach space!


Grilled Lemongrass Chicken ($10.90)


I was not sold on appearance and thought half the battle was lost with such a pale and unappetizing looking burger. At least the chicken should have grill marks on them the way Burger King has always marketed their grilled chicken burgers?

Turns out, I enjoyed every bite of it. The char whilst not visible, was spot on in terms of flavour and the lemongrass was a brilliant move. I wish the skin was charred till crispy at least but if anything, this was a dark horse.


Shrooms Burger ($10.90)
Sunny Side Egg ($3)

 Oh hello there, little miss sunshine.


This is what Burger King's Mushroom Swiss used to be all about before cost cutting got the better of them and turned this juicy number into a rake skinny sandwich.

In every umami bite, there's melty cheese, oomphalicious beef patties, sweet onions and an ooze of egg yolk. Hands down best mushroom burger around!

Dare I say they are consistent during a tasting and post tasting, I cannot wait to be back for more of their droolicious offerings. Well, can everyday be a burger day already?

Wolf Burgers
Changi City Point #01-43

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