Wolf Burgers @ Changi City Point

~Invited Session~


The Wolf has emerged in the East, laying claim on several firsts - bringing their famed juicy creations to the East, serving up the first handcrafted specialty coffee concept within Changi City Point and also a brand new waffle menu only for tea!



The kinda morning pick up that the office folks around the area really need. 


Since Carvers and Co and Pasarbella at Suntec, they have indeed come a long way and trust me to take so long to check them out.


Unleash the beast, heard ya!


I'm a fries girl at heart, okay, correction junk foodie. And having burgers without fries is cardinal sin - and here comes Wolf Burgers throwing me so many options - kimchi cheese, truffle and smores. What the fries really, because ALL taste so divine.


Suddenly, truffle is second fiddle to their over the top fries; torched marshmellows and sweet potato fries taste sweet and savoury and with that gooey texture could very well pass off as the real deal with eyes closed.


Do not ever leave without trying kimchi cheese, a recipe created by one of their talented young 'uns in the kitchen who clearly loves her kimchi with as much passion as cheese. Divine this is with those wicked pickled cabbage and melted cheese!

The kitchen was kind enough to do up tasting portions for me, these usually come in kraft boxes and are priced from $5.


I'd make an audacious recommendation for you to try their indulgent milkshakes alongside the fries. Strawberry Rose Milkshake  ($6) is absolutely girly with a local twist - bandung!


The Alpha  ($14.90)
Double Premium Beef Patties, Double Cheese


Double the patties, double the cheese and quadruple the satisfaction. Go messy and big or really just go home. This hefty one is made for mess and one with a penchant for beef burgers. I loved the heartiness, succulence and flavours of the plain ole cheese burger done so right.


Buttermilk Fried Chicken ($9.90)
Deep Marinated Buttermilk Fried Chicken Boneless Thigh, Salted Egg Mayo, Homemade Slaw 


Never had a proper buttermilk fried chicken to give up my obsession with fast food chicken burgers, until this of course. Finally a buttermilk fried chicken done right by the folks behind Wolf Burgers. That insanely addictive crunch as I sunk my teeth into it was memorable. Salted egg mayo with salted egg crumbs gave the zichar stalls a mean run for their money.


The Good Catch ($10.90)
Tempura battered tilapia, wasabi mayo, lettuce and tomatoes


I was sold on tilapia, lipsmacking tempura battered fish and a scrumptious wasabi mayo dressed in lettuce and mayo, truly a hearty one.


Tofu Burger (POA)


I'd admit to being apprehensive towards vegetarian burgers - clearly I have had one too many bad ones. The tofu patty is a clear star with a cottage cheese texture and resembles the paneer to a T. I enjoyed the density of the tofu patty and creaminess of avocado and would readily order this the next time round!


Green tea waffles with Pandan White Chocolate drizzle and Coconut Icecream  

Waffles with Espresso Caramel drizzle and Chocolate Chip Icecream

Completely new is this uncharted arena called tea time dessert and the team has crafted a series of waffles in local flavours. I love how crispy and chewy these waffles are which is half the battle won for me. Throw in an ingenious pairing of drizzle and icecream, sold, sold sold! Word has it that Charcoal waffles with Salted Egg Taro Icecream is also on the menu, more reason to rejoice it's tea time!

You know how beef burger places tend to only do good beef burgers? The good news is, this master of one is more than a jack of all trades because their non beef options are equally stunning.

I overate and had a belly good time so Wolf Burgers, watch out for me. I will be back with a bigger appetite.

Monday to Sunday
8am – 11:30 am (coffee bar), 11:30am to 9:30pm (Full Menu)

Wolf Burgers
Changi City Point