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Legendary Cart Noodles @ Jurong Point 2

~Invited Session~


Legendary Hong Kong, the popular Hong Kong-style restaurant located in Jurong Point, launches another authentic Hong Kong cuisine experience. Named Legendary Cart Noodles, this casual dining concept is an extension of Legendary Hong Kong and the first to present the iconic Hong Kong street food as a standalone in Singapore.


Cart noodles rose to fame in Hong Kong in the 1950s when hawkers would roam the streets and sell food out of a cart assembled out of wood and metallic basins. These street vendors would specialize in cooked noodles with an assortment of toppings and sauces.

Infact in my travels, I only bothered to track this down once and was disappointed with this highly acclaimed stall.

Truth be told, I approached this apprehensively since the authentic one barely impressed and a local tweaked version should fare better.

With a takeaway concept, Cart Noodles are exceptionally popular during peak hours like meal times and even at 8pm when we went on a weekday, the crowds never stopped! 

Choose from six types of noodles (priced from $1 to $1.50), including the Flat Rice Noodle, Yellow Noodle and Nissin Noodle specially sourced from Hong Kong. Diners can pick from a variety of over 20 toppings (priced from $1 to $3).

 The flat rice noodles and yellow noodles are handmade and we had a field day picking out our favourite ingredients.




Quintessential toppings include house-made vegetable and pork wontons, braised egg, beef brisket, curry fish balls, crispy fish skin, braised duck wings, barbequed chicken wings and a selection of fresh vegetables.


Even the cook was a Hong Konger himself, speak in Cantonese and feel exactly like in Hong Kong! Except he is also conversant in Mandarin.


Served in a takeaway container!


Thin Rice Noodle
Curry Fish Balls, Barbequed Chicken Wings, Braised Duck Wings, Beancurd Puffs


These curry fish balls unlike those floury ones in Hong Kong are smaller sized than those sold here and are less synthetic in taste. I am strangely liking them! The barbequed wings are another to look out for, mega delicious and trump the sweet braised wings.

The secret to the overall cart noodle experience lies in the intense soup stock that is paired with your noodles and toppings. The soup is cooked for 2 hours and enriched with chicken, duck, pork ribs and char- grilled fish. Their secret Satay sauce, Hong Kong-style Curry sauce, Chilli and a delicious Beef Brisket sauce intensified with garlic, ginger, red bean paste and dried spices.

For mine, I mixed all of the sauces together for a spicy, savoury and uber delicious blend!


Flat Rice Noodle
Curry Fish Balls, Big Intestines, Peppers and Fish Paste


Everything worked in this bowl - even yong tau foo tasted different because of the denser fish paste used. Their intestines were particularly fresh too, none of the gamey smells.

Diners at Legendary Cart Noodles can also dine it at Legendary Hong Kong except orders at the latter have to be made on top of the noodles.


Ribena Lemon

Served warm, this combination though quirky worked.

Unlike Hong Kong, we seem to lap up dimsum at ungodly hours after lunch - and they serve dimsum all day long. 


Crispy beancurd skin with prawn paste was incredibly crispy and hardly oily. Dip this into the accompanying vinaigrette and enjoy!


Also known as "Zha Liang", it has many worlds in one - a crispy yet not overfried dough stick, a silken smooth rice noodle skin and fresh prawns inside! Very addictive and I'd be happy with two plates of this alone. 


Egg Custard Pineapple Buns


These sell like hotcakes and many a time sell out way before they close. I was probably in luck to nab these buttery pastries with an irresistible savoury stuffing. It was a pity they did not flow like a flowy custard bun would but the recipe was a winner for both the non-dessert fan and I.


Another enjoyable dinner at Legendary Hong Kong, totally made my journey to the west worth while.

Legendary Cart Noodles
#03-89 Jurong Point 2 Shopping Centre

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