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Malaysian Food Street Presents 3 Guest Hawkers From Penang!

~Invited session~


Malaysian Food Street comes alive at meal times and particularly so from 20 April - 10 May. For a limited time only, the Penang hawkers are here to tease and tempt your tastebuds with classic dishes.

The hawkers, all of whom are from Penang, include, Hawker Hafaz from Mamak Mee Goreng of Penang Swee Kong Kopitiam, Hawker Ah Heng of Ah Heng Koay Teow Th’ng and the Kang family of Kwang Beef Noodles.


Are you ready for the authentic Malaysian Hawker Fare experience?


After my trip to Penang earlier this year and my numerous foodscapades to Johor Bahru, the mere mention of Malaysian Hawker Fare makes me uber happy.


These clogs near the pastry shop are too photogenic to ignore another snap of.


For Kwang Beef Noodles, the recipe comes from the patriarch of the family who founded ‘Weld Quay Beef’.

 Beef Hor Fun Soup $8

No ordinary beef hor fun, this comes swimming in a bowl of broth so richly flavoured, it guarantees a belly happy time.


The different parts of the cow such as the brisket, tripe and shank come together to create a deeply aromatic dish which is given an extra flavour punch through the vinegar chili sauce. For once, tripe and I are BFFs.


Hawker Ah Heng on the other hand, is making his bouncy fishballs which is served in a delicate broth alongside smooth koay teow noodles.

Kuay Teow Th’ng $6

Friends and family who know me are aware of my love hate relationship with fish ball noodles - most of them tend to be factory made, too synthetic and the broth too salty.

This fishball noodle story is a completely different one altogether. The flavourful broth is worth just slurping the bowl clean for and those bouncy fishballs, has enough bounce and texture for these 4 balls to be precious.


Hawker Hafaz who is a second generation hawker will serve his father’s yummy fried yellow noodles mixed with crunchy bits of Indian fried batter and the secret, sometimes tongue-numbing, cuttlefish chili sauce.


Mamak Mee Goreng $6.50

If you love mee goreng, I can only say this is only better. Saucy noodles that pack a mighty fiesty spicy punch - satisfying is truly but an understatement.

These featured below are promotional items made by Malaysian Food Streets’ regular hawkers (also available from 20th April to 10th May)


Prawn Mee Mix Broth ($6.50)


This Prawn Mee is further elevated with the addition of Lor sauce, making this slightly different from the usual Prawn Mees we have locally. I found this actually very light on the palette despite the ingredients plonked in. It could have been better if big head prawns were used, in my opinion.


Fried Lou See Fun ($6.50)


Lou See Fun done KL Hokkien Mee style with black sauce and chilies, a hidden dragon crouching tiger number indeed. Do not let the black sauce fool you into thinking otherwise about this tame looking dish. The spiciness that hits is a mouth watering kind of pleasure.


Braised Pork Knuckle with Vinegar ($20)

The ultimate confinement food for all mothers, and this is also one of my favourite dishes of all time. This is all of appetizing, satisfying and most importantly, keeps me going back for repeats. Unlike the homecooked ones from the Mom's kitchen, this plays down the ginger aspect and concentrates on just two main ingredients, pork knuckle and vinegar.


Durian Puff  $2.80 per piece, min. purchase of 2

Freshly made, these durian puffs are filled with a thick Mao Shan Wang jam. For a non-durian eater, I thought this was really hearty. 

On top of the limited time specials, we were also treated to a range of regular delights.


Char Koay Teow ($5.50 without egg and $6 with egg)

No trip to Penang is complete without a plate of piping hot char koay teow. Malaysian Food Street brings it to your doorstep!


An aromatic plate of wok fried char koay teow with all elements brought together so beautifully - the one thing that was missing was copious amounts of lard and duck egg which definitely makes the difference. Yet, this is almost there!


 Curry Mee ($5.50)

The Penangnite claims this is our idea of laksa which is completely strange to them since laksa should have assam instead of coconut milk. Anyway, that leaves another day to tell the story.

Curry Mee, is foreign to me.  A mishmesh of ingredients from a number of dishes that I am familiar with. Broiled squid from rojak, prawns from kueh pie tee, tau pok from a braised dish and yellow noodles served with a generous dollop of belachan. By the end of the meal, I had serious issues nailing just one favourite dish.



As good as the real deal, I say. Pandan jelly strips, wholesome red beans, a ladle full of home made gula melaka on a mountain of shaved ice - sedap nia!

I have had delicious times with Malaysian Food Street and this time, their guest hawkers are upping the stakes of delicious.

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