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Ho To Tai Noodle Shop @ Yuen Long, Hong Kong

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I have never stepped foot on Yuen Long before and the only time I did was to hunt down this newly minted Michelin Recommendation, Ho To Tai Noodle Shop, known for their wanton noodles. It took us a 20 minute walk before we found the signboard.


At lunch time, it was packed and we were thankful to find a table in a corner on the second floor.


There is just something about wooden stools and foldable tables that makes dining in an eatery so unique.



Radish and Beef Brisket

Though braised and the colour of the broth is so light, it turned out to be an incredibly tasty dish that had me lapping it all up right to the last drop. 


I thought that all blanched vegetables would taste the same, and for this oyster sauce was the magic word.


My dry wanton mee (HKD 25) served with a generous scoop of oyster sauce that proved to be the best ever, lard could be the secret weapon here but I truly never indulged in oyster sauce the same manner before. The noodles are amazingly springy, barely a trace of oil and they go on forever. There is almost no end to the noodle if I did not bite it off somewhere - and then it leaves me pondering how do they even do that!

The wantons deserve another mention altogether, a result of the hours of toiling in the kitchen and the result is a joyful palette - there is more meat than wanton skin.


The soup version was equally good. Texturally very firm and the broth that sent both of us into a food coma.


I never had any of these locally that would match, unfortunately. Which really makes sense of all the laments that our noodles are bad.


Satisfaction is tucking into the bowl and then taking time to observe and soak in the atmosphere.


If I had known which were the ones the jury had attempted earlier, I would possibly have ordered the same but their stellar item is still their noodle.


We even lugged back some of these prawn roe noodles that guarantee no alkaline taste. Expectedly, these were miles off from those eaten fresh.

I have this top of my list for best wanton noodles and these are way cheaper than Wing Wah (another stall that I raved about before).  It seems to me, the further I travel the better food I get.

Ho To Tai Noodle Shop
No.67, Fau Tsoi St,, Yuen Long

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