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Wing Wah Noodle Shop @ Wan Chai, Hongkong

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yong hua wanton

This ranks as a Michelin-recommended restaurant near Wan Chai and this is exactly the same shop that I have been hunting and low for all these while! Word has it that the traditional way of making these noodles is to sit on a bamboo rod to knead the noodles and pictures do suggest that the chef is doing a dance on the dough. 

apple daily stamp of approval

Even Apple Daily endorses!


All the hungry people at 11pm. 


What I love about Hongkong is their menus are so easily accessible!

Super friendly staff who bothered enough to get us sharing bowls and take photos for us, kudos to that!

wanton mee

Shrimp Wanton Mee (HKD 32)

Stringy and springy fine noodles with a broth unrivalled. The Cantonese know how to do their soups and broths. The immense flavour that permeates through every mouthful, I could slurp up the soup till the ends of the bowl first. 


Five plump pork-prawn wantons fill the hearty bowl. No dap of chilli required or even a dash of soya sauce, that is all the natural flavour there is and indeed, I hope they make it to a spot on the Michelin list! 

beef brisket

Braised Beef Tendon Noodle (HKD 34)

Less outstanding than the wanton mee, this was more homemade but still awesome with a generous portion of beef chunks and tendons.

Even with our bellies so filled, I do not regret tucking into these near midnight. Worth the calories, definitely worth the paunch.

Wing Wah Noodle Shop
G/F 89 Hennessy Road
Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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  1. It seems like Wing Wah is no longer in the 2012 Bib Gourmand list. Have you tried Mak's at their Wellington Street branch? Is Wing Wah better than Mak's?

    Urgh, you're making me miss HK much!

  2. Hong Kong's version of wanton mee is so different from SG. Different version and dun require any chilli sauce or soy sauce to enhance the taste. I especially like their wanton and dumplings which are filled (fully) with ingredients

  3. @ice: nope, I only tried Chi Kee and thought of it miles off. No tourists at Wing Wah though, if that's an indication of how the locals endorse it rather than tourists. Yarrrr...cant wait to return agaaaain!

    @foodiefc: YESSSSSS. missing it HUGE now!