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Kam's Roast Goose @ Wanchai, Hong Kong


I had more or less given up hope on finding a roast goose that would make both my belly and pocket happy. Yung Kee once ruled in the kingdom of roast goose with an iron fist, and to the tourists it was a must eat and bore the gold medal to best. In fact on my first visit I did not know better and until recent years I stopped heading there altogether - at some point resorting to getting century eggs from their source to satiate the cravings.

Kam's is new on the Michelin list but known amongst the locals given its high profile separation from Yung Kee. Word has it that one of the grandsons of Yung Kee founder, Hardy Kam Shun-yuen opened the restaurant to serve quality roast goose in a casual setting.

I cannot be more pleased to join the queue. A table for 2 is easy to get though sharing of tables is not uncommon.


Century eggs are best eaten with molten centers and preserved ginger.


If foie gras is up your alley, until you try goose liver sausage. It is a state of umami, or even better. Three pieces for a song of HKD 18, I was this close to purchasing the full sausages and hugely regretted my decision not to get any thereafter.


The geese were flying off their racks like hotcakes and risk having none at all for later diners. By the time our plates arrived, there was news that they were into their last remaining roast goose for the day.

The only time I actually love a glistening roast is when I am served roast goose. The juices, grease and meat all made the plate a happy meal to indulge.


Undeterred, we ordered a trio of roasts comprising of roaste goose, char siew and suckling pig. I particularly enjoyed the suckling pig and roast goose best on this platter.

Fats have to be embraced wholeheartedly to enjoy a plate of roast in Hong Kong. The crispy skin cackling and the savoury rub on the tender pork made suckling pig another must try next to their amazing goose.


Even the blanched vegetables tasted tons better.


I wish they sold roast goose necks too! They would make a perfect tea time snack.

Kam's Roast Goose did blow our minds with their signatures. If only their goose blood dish was not sold out, it would have been a perfect 10.

Kam's Roast Goose 
226 Hennessy Road

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