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The White Rabbit Revisited @ Dempsey


The White Rabbit, a place that remains so charming through the years. To think I even thought of tying the knot there since it was a chapel previously.


Down the rabbit hole!


Baguette and Tomato Foccacia made a merry entrance before our mains were served and shame on me for always stuffing myself so silly with bread. They were really delightful crusty bakes - I always love taking a deep whiff.


Char-grilled Brandt Ribeye ($45)
USDA Choice, Mache Salad, Truffle Sauce


A little on the charred side but pure joy is sinking my teeth into a mouthful of juices. Few places not specializing in steak can execute one with such ease and White Rabbit alongside Au Petit Salut can do it actually very well. Truffle sauce was the perfect pick with it, loved the truffle bits that made truffle less elusive.


Tagliatelle ($45)
Alaskan King Crab, Pork Broth, Kombu

We were sold on crab, and a beautifully plated pasta arrived. Handmade no less. Pork broth made this Italian classic like ramen, only better. An impressive dish to be honest, of all places, in one that is not an Italian dining place.


36 Hours Brandt Short Ribs ($48)
Truffle miso glaze, parsnip purée, field mushrooms

This was highly recommended by a friend and we made it a point to order it - portions were reasonable, very unphotogenic on camera but the 36 hours worth of braising made this a stunning dish to try. The juices were locked into the ribs despite being braised for so long and each bite was a melt in the mouth moment.


Dorper Lamb Rack ($48)
Spiced cous-cous, ratatouille, lemongrass basil jus

Lamb, however, had alot less to love. Lacking in punch, this was messy with the ratatouille and bloody medium lamb racks. Unimpressive despite its very impressive start.


Grilled Asparagus, Hollandaise Sauce ($14)

Asparagus and hollandaise seems to be the next best match after poached eggs. Throw in truffle and boy, be in for a treat!


Truffled Mac and Cheese with Mushrooms ($16) 


I once deemed this best I have ever eaten in Singapore and fast forward a couple of years, its kingship is retained in its crispy exterior, creamy not jelard cheese and macaroni and best of all, it was just so good. Prices have certainly increased and we are hovering it at almost double the price but the satisfaction has more than doubled for me.

The White Rabbit impressed on more than one account, and they have gotten better. Undoubtedly a charmer.

The White Rabbit

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