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Kisses Bakery @ Tiong Bahru

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I have lost track of the time I became so obsessed with cupcakes, it may have been Marmalade Pantry that started. And it has been a slippery road since. I am surprised at the concentration of cupcake bakeries within the vacinity of Tiong Bahru - Plain Vanilla, Kisses and The Dispensary. Anymore, it is likely to hinge on oversaturation.

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red velvet

Red Velvet 

A best seller, it seems that red velvet is the recipe for success these days. The chocolate taste was strong and cream cheese topping a tad thick.

choc chip

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

The chocolate chip muffin was dry and peanut butter frosting was rich enough.

salted caramel

Salted Caramel

The flavours all got lost in the chocolate cupcake with the salted caramel existing in the drizzle.


White Chocolate Raspberry

None too memorable, if anything the cream frosting was once again too thick.

The cakes vary in terms of moistness, an inconsistent texture across the flavours attempted. I am unfortunately not a fan of the cream frosting that is on the thick side.

Cupcakes are sold at $3.50 each or $20 for a box of 6.

Kisses Bakery
Tiong Bahru

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