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Plain Vanilla Bakery @ Yong Siak Street

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plain vanilla

My encounter with Plain Vanilla has been a rocky ride – the first time I dropped by I was not feeling the sugarrush craving, the second time all cupcakes were sold out save for the cookies and then the third, I reserved my cupcakes in the most kiasu manner and finally got to try them. Well better late than never, methinks!


Bicycles at the entrance that already make it an icon.

baby's breath

Peer up and be greeted by a whimsical bunch.

babys breath

Baby's breath is a constant piece of decor throughout the cafe, when we were there these were the main centerpiece.


Furry balls maketh the other, I'm getting into the wagon of love-the-wildflowers. 

planter box

A planter box full of greens.

plain vanilla

Peer through the looking glass into their open concept kitchen. 


Spot the sticky toffee tea cake.

caramel chocolate tart

The all famous salted caramel truffle tart.


The rows of beauties - this sight is hardly seen over weekends. Just one word of advice: Call to preorder.

sticky toffee cake

Sticky Date Cake ($7)

sticky toffee

The little bundt cake was too enticing when it came dusted with chopped pistachios and in my favourite flavour of the past. For old time's sake, I had to order it. Moist cake with dates embedded with every bite, the dried caramel was such a tease and definitely a perfect treat for a sweet tooth like me.

Ginger Lemon Teacake ($7)

Another cake that was just too pretty to ignore - I call it snow white with its cap of lemon drizzle, so generous, it  covered the cake like a blanket of snow and topped with candied ginger. The zesty lemon cake was also moist and fluffy. A pity then that they do not have a lemon cupcake.

strawberry custard tart

Strawberry Custard Tart

A dig into the wobbly soft center proved to be the rightest decision - I am no jam fan but this strawberry jam custard was a different story altogether. None of the overly sugarised preserves, just pureed strawberries with a delectable custard on a crust so crunchy - sold! I've got my eye on the chocolate caramel tart known to be the greatest sin one can ever partake of - BRING IT ON.

iced coffee

Iced Coffee ($4)

Decent kicks, looks like they have mastered both the eat and drink part perfectly.

rosemary lemonade

Rosemary Lemonade ($5)

Lemonade has been lemon juice with a dash of ade so far until Plain Vanilla of course. I do not know how they do it but it was almost chic to be drinking lemonade instead of any other beverage. The zestiness of it and tangyness of lemons - I can only muse "When life throws you lemons, make lemonade out of it."

top 10

If it interests anyone, they have a wall art installation as part of their nostalgic decor.

rocking horse

A kid friendly rocking horse. 

cake plate

Dessert enthusiasts can purchase any of these gorgeous glassware to bring home a part of Plain Vanilla.


All too comprehensive recipe book.


If making from scratch does not appeal, here's PV to the rescue with their pre-measured jars of ingredients for almost instant baking.

plain vanilla

A packaging so simple but so signature.


My first box of pretty cupcakes. Receiving them were like getting a present on christmas day - full of anticipation. 



The frosting was too sweet and a dollop too much for the moist carrot encrusted cupcake.

red velvet

Red Velvet

I had my reservations about red velvet since many have gone by disappointingly. For a start, this looked the part and tasted as moist and rich as desired. An almost eureka moment when the frosting and red velvet dissolved into such a beautiful union, I knew I found the red velvet. Seconds, please?

chocolate ganache

Dark Chocolate Ganache

Perfect with black coffee. Loved the crunchy cupcake top that was a mix of chocolate bits, chips and whatever else makes this black number luxuriously decadent. Did I already mention that the dark knight is incredibly moist?

salted caramel

Salted Caramel

Immensely fragrant, the grittiness of the salted caramel was well captured in the frosting and not forgetting a mildly sweet caramel cupcake. Fingers and toes up for this one!

strawberry white choc

Strawberry White Chocolate

strawberry cupcake

This was a dainty little one with a pretty strawberry stuffing too. Too pretty to eat and too good to resist - ah, such is a perils of having too much choice.

earl grey lavendar

Earl Grey Lavender

I thought this would cause an oral confusion but surprisingly not, the earl grey fragrance and lavender cupcake went merrily as one - loved it!

chocolate hazelnut

Chocolate Hazelnut

Moist chocolate cupcake meets hazelnut cream - sounds like kinder bueno in a cupcake already!

cinnamon brown sugar

Cinnamon Brown Sugar

This cupcake is possibly the only one without a swirl but a flattened frosting top. Through and through a cinnamon cupcake, rich and intense flavours.

cookie and cream

Cookies and Cream

With a dense chocolate cake, the frosting was where the flavour of the cupcake was. I found it a tad too sweet.

banana choc

Milk Chocolate Banana

Coffee infused chocolate cream made this one complicated cupcake - chocolate coffee frosting on a mild tasting banana cake. I'm on the fence on this one.

chocolate chip

Milk Chocolate Chip

Chocolate chip studded cupcake with a chocolate swirl - methinks the mint version is yummier.


Vanilla Bean

I have been shying away from attempting this for the few visits, preferring to head straight to the more outstanding flavours. How wrong was I. Fragrant and then it became an instant obsession. Vanilla flavoured cupcake with a frosting that upped the notches of fragrant. This, was a silent killer and boy, I am torn for a favourite already.

With the cupcake round up above, I managed to complete trying all cupcake flavours and am ready to rank my favourites!
  1. Red Velvet
  2. Vanilla Bean
  3. Salted Caramel/Strawberry White Chocolate/Dark Chocolate Ganache
  4. Earl Grey Lavender
  5. The rest are definitely not bad and I already feel lousy having to rank them but all these being said, I am a humongous fan of Plain Vanilla. 
Then there were seasonal and daily specials that I managed to get hold of (talk about crazy stalking of their instagram)

chocolate mint

Mint Chocolate

There was just one random weekday that their instagram updated a day's appearance of this limited edition flavour and I made the hubba get one. #hesaysitslove Mushy bits aside, I wondered how it would come together since I am a huge fan of After Eight mint chocolates. Chocolate chips embedded in the cupcake with a mint infused frosting - as divine as the chocolate version methinks. Make this permanent please!

vanilla cramael

Vanilla Caramel

vanilla caramale 

Just in time for easter, they had a special flavour! While I loved Vanilla Bean and Sea Salt Caramel dearly, this was fragrance and sugary sweet all at once.


To coincide with Easter, they gave out bags of almond coated chocolates - such a sweet thought!

easter eggs

I suppose they may sell this soon too? 

plain vanilla

So many other things to try and you bet I am already making reservations for my next box of cuppies and with every item attempted, I cannot wait to head back for my personal favourites. 

Plain Vanilla Bakery
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