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Clifford Revisited @ Fullerton Bay Hotel


Truffle fries were the main agenda and I promised the companion the “best” in Singapore. Reservations for Clifford was fairly easy. Almost the same spot even 1.5 years later!


The menu seems to have undergone changes in both offerings and price.


Cosy for the night.


Dining at its finest.


Loving the tall ceilings!


Breadbasket of baguette and multigrain loaf with duck rilette and butter. Both were served fresh off the oven and melted the butter instaneously. 


Adored the duck rilette – luxuriously smooth and meaty. A stingy portion of one piece each for two was dished up most reluctantly when refills were requested.

duck confit

Signature Duck Confit ($44)
Truffle Potato Mousseline, Black Garlic Sautéed Broad Beans and  Field Greens
Gone are risotto and chicken that I had previously and duck confit as the kitchen decided was here to stay. Still as good and deserving of the permanent spot in the menu. Firm meat with crispy keep things simple, just order the duck confit at Clifford and disappointment should allude you.

suckling pig

Crisp Suckling Pig   ($46)
Bay Leaf, Bacon, Roasted Figs, Parsnip Puree and Truffle Jus
Wagyu Foie Gras Burger was what I set my sights on but the waiter proposed this instead. Two chunks of suckling pig with the mandatory fanciful design created with puree and figs. Crisp skin it delivered but meat was too soft to hold up on its own – the fork had problems piercing through it for transferring onto another plate. I would very much prefer a firmer bite to it. A western interpretation of something so oriental. Did not fancy parsnip puree much, too sweet with an egg white taste lingering. Disappointing one there, Ember oh Ember…I miss they roasted pork belly much so!

truffle fries

Truffle Fries ($14)
An increase in price and possibly shrinking of portions made them the priciest truffle fries around. Yet, still worth the buck. Doubly crisp and evenly fragranced, I love my truffle fries!

kueh lapis

Petit Fours 
Fruit kueh lapis, macarons, pralines
Moist kueh lapis and crunchy white chocolate pralines. 


Yet, I need to mention their macarons – looked the part but failed completely in taste. Sugar overload which was matched with a crumbly texture, so much so it masked the flavours. Barely could keep up with how different it was macaron to macaron.


Double portions but it came with a catch – out of gratitude and kindness, we were compelled to fill in a “nominate the best service professional” award. How apt. Similarly, the macarons fell flat here.

Greedy as we were, I returned the favour by a blindbat nomination and walloped the second portion. 

Dining at Clifford is always a six star contrived affair – I love the ambience, surroundings, décor and well, truffle fries. Oh yes, I do dream about a staycation at Fullerton Bay every now and then and the mind wanders off to cocktails under the marquee at Lantern or hightea at Landing Point and champagne in hand. See, that is the draw of Fullerton Bay. It is not just one experience independently, they have managed to put up a package experience that leaves you lemming for more. And I digress, I would return yet again for truffle fries and duck confit just that I am not too hung up about their service levels. 

Fullerton Bay Hotel

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  1. They're no longer serving Beurre D'Isigny French butter?! How can?! I asked you this on flickr haha.

  2. hahaah...dont ask me anything on flickr, i hardly check. :) yah realised that...