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Si Chuan Dou Hua @ UOB Plaza 1


Not too long ago, I remember smirking at the newspaper listings of "Places to catch fireworks" and concluding I will not be ripped off.

Irony is, I was one of those who fell prey to dining amongst the fireworks. Perched at 60th floor of UOB Plaza 1, I was not guaranteed a seat but could "head over to see the fireworks" when they started. With menus starting from $38.80++, it was the cheapest National Day fireworks deal around! Was interested in the Bird's Nest Set Menu (on until 15 Sep 2011!)


Appetizers that included spicy vegetables and nuts.


$5 for a bowl of refillable tea.
skillful tea master

Tea-master comes over to wow. With much ease and skill, the hot water gets poured.

Causing somewhat of a storm in a teacup.

Super duper steady hands and straight face.

Watch the tea change colour.

Sichuan douhua, a first!

Sichuan Cold Appetizer

"Chong Qing" Chilled Chicken

Yummy. The spice for this was a tad sharp.


Jellyfish with Shredded Duck Meat

Thought this was ordinary wedding fare.

spicy pork belly

Pork Belly with Garlic and Chilli
Yet another tasty one.


Another shot of the trio of appetizers.

birds nest soup with dumpling

Double-boiled Bird's Nest with Dumpling in Superior Stock
The first try of Bird's Nest Soup was acquired, I had my reservations on this. Very flavourful broth with the bird's nest taking the center of attention. Somehow, I still think bird's nest tastes best as dessert.


Plump, juicy and tasty seafood dumpling.

salted egg yolk prawn and rice krispy

Deep-fried Prawn with Salted Egg Yolk and Pumpkin Sauce
Delicious prawn though the egg yolk and pumpkin sauce were not too obvious. The rice krispie gave this a nice thai touch.


Baked Cod with Homemade Beancurd with Spinach and Mushroom
Portion of this was puny yet what I loved in particular was the homemade beancurd.
 glutinous rice

Glutinous Rice with Chicken and Ham
I wonder if this was left to the trainee chef to mangle - soft mushy rice with bland ham and chicken.

wolfberries tau huay

Crispy Custard Bird's Nest Ball and Homemade Beancurd and Wolfberries
I was told their homemade beancurd was amongst tops. Perhaps the tastebuds have been spoiled by Laoban, this was silken smooth but tasteless. Paired with wolfberries gave this a mild sweetness. Not too impressed somehow with this signature.


Hey you, you're looking at the priciest part of the dessert - Crispy bird's nest custard ball.
bird's nest custard

If I did not take a double look at the menu, I would not guessed that it was bird's nest infused at all. Ordinary custard paste at best in the hollow crispy ball.
Dinner was alright, good not great. One of those dinners that did not leave me satisfied.
The fireworks took place somewhere to the start of the meal and it was a spectacular sight. Watching the million dollar display that would pop and fizz out without seconds. Taxpayers money, one of the disgruntled aunties mused. An experience to behold, though I would have prefered an unobstructed view - 1Altitude would have been ideal yet prices were way beyond budget.


Sichuan Douhua
UOB Plaza 1, 60 Floor

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