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Shots Revisited @ Ann Siang Hill

The companion wanted to try out Sling Boutique which seemed to be in the same shophouse as Shots. After assuming and getting confused, we ended up at Shots for dinner. Credit them for strategic positioning of their menus on the wall which causes quite a crowd to form and perhaps, a false sense of popularity when you see a crowd huddling.


Smoked Salmon Ciabatta ($14.80)

So it was open faced, a stack of smoked salmon slices on top a toasted slice of ciabatta. That was it. With a morsel sized salad, sprinkle of olives and drizzle of horse radish. All of $14.80. A tad fishy though bread had a lovely buttered crunch.


Seafood Pasta Aglio Olio ($19.80)
clams, scallops, prawns

Highly recommended by the server, we heeded his advice. This took significantly longer to arrive and when it did, I was kept amused by the "in your face" presentation - seafood neatly lining the sides of the plate with the portion of pasta centralized. Bland scallops, artificially enhanced crystal prawns and shrivelled up clams on a bed of pasta tossed in vinegar and garlic. The sour finishing taste needed some getting used to though I would not credit it as "highly recommended" though.

The last visit's carrot cake was just alright but with mains fairing this manner, I did not want to risk more disappointment. I say stick to Shots for their cuppas...

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