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Shots @ Ann Siang Hill

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Shots is a breath of fresh air along Ann Siang Hill's string of pubs. Armed with a bunch of nocturnes, we prowled the street for a chill out place.  Shots offers coffee and tea mainly, a new addition to the menu is sake!

shots interior

Methinks they derived its name from shots of coffee and shots of images. Double cuteness in that!


The companions had their caffeine fixes despite the late hour. I normally would not risk a shot of caffeine at such hours at the expense of my already bulging eye bags.

arty farty photos

A cafe with a slick decor and photographs up for purchase. Those would set you back by at least five hundred buckeroos, well for beautiful could be just a dent in the pocket for some.

shots carrot cake

Carrot Cake ($6.50)

Tasted more like christmas fruit cake than carrot cake with the raisins. I've seen a similar one from the reviews of Egg3 Cafe, wondering if its outsourced.

A pity that aircon was too strong for comfort, I ended up shivering from the blazing cold.  Shots is a good place to hang out if you want to maintain your sobriety despite the booze temptations along the way.

Ann Siang Hill (Near The Screening Room)

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  1. i love the ambiance of Shots. It's kinda relaxing. :)

  2. Haha coffee makes me hyperactive as well! My experience with a large cup of cappucino at 4pm put me off consuming caffeine anytime after mid-afternoon.

  3. @ lorraine: me thinks so too!!

    @ stargirl: not sucha huge fan of caffeine somehow. :x